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Windshield swing arm washers

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  • Windshield swing arm washers

    Was looking for a chrome screw for my swing arm & ran across these swing arm washers from Snyders . Part # a-45477. They really help hold the
    swing arms ! Most of you probably already know about them but I sure didn't. ! 1 other thing I found was shipping from Snyders is much cheaper& faster
    with priorty mail. They are in Ohio & I am in Texas & it takes 2 days to get it if I order early in the day. Snyders est shipping was $9.50 actual cost was $3.77
    vs Fed Ex ground 3 day @ $17.79. Who would have guessed. I have enclosed a pic of the washers installed. Hope this wasn't a waste of your time.
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    Thanks. Wasn't a waste of my time. I'm in Texas also and I always try to save on shipping. So are those washers rubber? Mine use to rattle loose but I finally figured out I had the metal/rubber washer installed incorrectly. Once I put it on right it stays in place ok now.


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      They have a rubber washer & a metal cup both.


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        All of the stuff I get from Snyder's or Bert's I have then ship by USPS. FedEx and/or UPS to Alaska is prohibitive.
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