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  • Valve cover racing

    Our Alaskan club did a valve cover race a few weeks back. It’s new to us but we had some good laughs. My dear wife realized the women club member were pretty good at it so now “she’s” building a racer.
    Anyone else ever done any valve cover racing?

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    Nope, would you please explain what a valve cover race is?
    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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      You might have heard about the pinewood derby’s Cub Scouts do. It’s a lot like that but it’s done with valve covers from any car. It’s popular with car clubs and becoming very popular with Model A Clubs specifically. A lot of people use roller blade or roller skate wheels. I believe there’s a ten pound limit on your racer. There are other rules too but basically it’s just a fun thing for old car guys to do at the shows or events.


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          Curly that is so cool could start a whole new class of fun at a meets.


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            Once bought a plastic wallpaper soaking tub, I'm SURE it was molded from a BUICK Straight 8 Valve cover! NO
            Dad Truthful


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              It is a great idea, can you make a VFF one? It may blow the competition away
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              "It's all nuts and bolts"

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                Sounds like a great Father/Son project.:rolling:rolling


                • Curly
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                  Its a great way for us Model A guys to get the younger kids hooked on cars. As Carl said our club had kids running the track and helping with things. They loved it.

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                That's awesome. I'd like to make one and compete against my 2 sons.


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                  Originally posted by Barber31 View Post
                  That's awesome. I'd like to make one and compete against my 2 sons.
                  You'll need the shallowest valve cover you can find for less wind resistance.
                  Now, the Model A has the flattest cover I can think of.


                  • BNCHIEF
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                    Like the one curly posted.

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                  Here's some pictures of our latest Valve Cover Race. This was held in the Dimond Mall parking lot several weeks ago. First picture shows the track being set up, second is a couple of the kids that were designated starters, next is all the participants and their racers. The last picture shows the top 2 winners. (Curly is in picture #3, 3rd from the left.)

                  Sorry the pictures are in there twice, can't figure that one out.
                  You do not have permission to view this gallery.
                  This gallery has 4 photos.
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                    The fastest ones in our club started using CD/DVD discs but then they discovered hard drives with their fine bearings. these made the fastest low friction wheels!


                    • DaWizard
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                      wensum, WELCOME to the VFF!!

                    • Curly
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                      Do they go straight down the track? My problem is keeping the car straight.

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                    Originally posted by wensum View Post
                    The fastest ones in our club started using CD/DVD discs but then they discovered hard drives with their fine bearings. these made the fastest low friction wheels!
                    Great idea. My wife just finished her car. I'm afraid its going to be faster than mine. I might need to try some CD discs.


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