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Two piece distributor shaft question

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  • Two piece distributor shaft question

    What is the best way (fastest way ) to take the lower shaft out ?

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    I normally use a stretch magnet I get from the auto parts store.
    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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      I use long nose pliers.


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        What is a "Tow Piece?"
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          Originally posted by CarlG View Post
          What is a "Tow Piece?"
          Years ago I made a sign for the rear of the vehicles I used a tow bar on.
          It read "CAUTION CAR IN TOW", and my cousin's little girl asked why I had a car in my toe.
          I never was sure, as she was quite young, but I think she was just being funny.


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            After I pulled the distributor I tried to pull the shaft out to just look it over and coat with grease. Should the shaft come out? It wiggled but wouldn't come out, but I thought it was suppose too.
            12-21-2020, 07:48 PM
          • greenhornet
            Distributor lower shaft question.
            by greenhornet
            Was the long one piece shaft original to all four years of the Model A and the two piece for a shorter lower shaft extension later or after market? Also the lower shaft is just tongue to tongue with no pins holding it together with upper shaft? Thank You.
            03-18-2019, 11:31 AM
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            Most Model A distributor drives that I have seen use a separate shaft that couples the engine drive to the distributor shaft. I have also seen a few A distributors with one long shaft that reaches all the way down to the engine drive. I have been told that Ford never did this and that these are aftermarket distributors. I have also heard that the one piece arrangement is really a bad idea because...
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            Is the Marvel throttle shaft the interchangeable with the Zenith? I have a Marvel with a sloppy shaft and need to fix.
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            If some of you read the "Modified" section you will see I have been having a small problem with a "B" distributor. Well, for a simple solution I carried and installed the Jeep distributor which I won't go into here. But in doing this, I noticed I developed a new noise.

            The "B" distributor being a two piece shaft didn't have a problem, installing the single
            09-24-2019, 11:31 AM
          • d.j. moordigian
            Throttle shaft assemble..
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            On the second style forged Brass arm, when changing the throttle shaft for a new one,..what type of tool was used too produce the swedging tool that produces the swirl ?
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            While attempting to replace clutch brake shaft bushings I noticed that the shaft was worn. A new shaft came with the bushings however it appears to be to long. I don't see where the original shaft is pinned. I need some guidance on this one. See pics. ...
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            Good morning. I'm a new member and a fairly new Model A owner. Sorry for the long post, but hoping to figure out how to fix a dumb mistake:

            In an attempt to fix the leak from the reverse idler and cluster shafts, I bought one of Bratton's seal kits. The reverse idler shaft was too long to fit into the cover provided, so I followed Bratton's instructions and ground down the end of the...
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          • EarlyBert
            Early Brake Cross Shaft Replacement
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            Are any of you aware of an article or other discussion/video about replacing the early multi part brake cross shaft with the later single piece cross shaft?
            . I am going to do this on my car but am not sure the best process to do so, what needs to be removed for access to install the newer piece.
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            Here is a new one for me, I am working on a 28 motor that hasn't been run in probably 50 or 60 years by the looks of it. Finally got the distributor off after letting mmo soak in from the lock hole ( motor was on side so it worked). Anyway when I pulled it out of the head I discovered that someone had put a copper pipe on the shaft. I would say a farmer fix but then it could have been a city boy that...
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            03-04-2020, 09:57 AM