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    Which way is best, Original with Nurex, Model B, Mallory, or electronic. And there seems to me more than one model of Nurex. Automatic advance is the goal.

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    My choice is none of the above. I have had no problems with stock distributors. There is not a lot of lever moving anyway. I think Auto advance is overrated in the A.
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      Originally posted by Mike V. Florida View Post
      My choice is none of the above. I have had no problems with stock distributors. There is not a lot of lever moving anyway. I think Auto advance is overrated in the A.
      Agreed.. simply said Mike!


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        I still use and advocate the use of the Nu-Rex centrifugal advance.
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          When you guys say not a whole lot of lever moving, explain this to a dummy. So far I have only changed the timing lever on startup. After startup I keep it all the way down. I played with it some yesterday while driving, mixture and timing. I get a little lugging while taking off from a stop going up a grade. Smooth's out after you get into the power band.


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            If you want automatic advance go for it. I don't know anything about them as I use a standard distributor. I have a stock engine and set the timing so when the lever is all the way down, full advanced, it's at 30* BTDC. If it is really working up a hill I will retard it slightly. Otherwise I leave the lever alone. I have never heard it ping.


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              I always run the spark advance lever about 1/2 to a hair less, on both my cars.
              One has an HC head and the other is stock
              I have a good ear on listening to motors and when it's 3/4 to all the way advanced i can hear the pounding. Your base timing is the starting point and needs to be right on
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                You gotta' learn how to use the spark lever properly!!!!!----It's NOT like that COOKER Infomercial, where you "JUST SET IT & FORGET IT"----
                Bill W.


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                  I now have in my possession a Snyders 6:1 high compression head and I think since I can't afford a Mitchell OD it will be the next step in the ever changing "Touring Tudor" named Wheezer.

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                  You do not have permission to view this gallery.
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