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  • Model a ford script battery

    I have been waiting for month for my new model a script battery ,the interesting part is that it came already charged and is maintenance free .The old type model a script battery is 7 years old and probably ok but being so old I,didn't want to take a chance . Has anyone tried one of these new type batteries

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    This is the first time I have heard of the script battery lasting that long. Is there more than one place to buy one, that is are there more than one manufacturer?


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      There's a dirty little secret hiding in all this!

      Original batteries had caps for water maintenance. Pure Lead is to soft to support itself in very thin grid plates, so manufacturers originally used plates made of a Lead-Antimony alloy. Unfortunately this alloy causes a lot of gassing. For years and years this was the alloy used by all car battery manufacturers. Recycling was easy, all the same alloy. Then came "maintenance free". Those batteries use plates made from a Lead-Calcium alloy. That alloy has a much reduced self-discharge and a greatly reduced hydrolysis potential. For many more years battery manufacturers then had to contend with two batches of recycled lead alloys.

      Now, the majority of car batteries use Antimony free plates. To make a run of special plate grid with the 'old' alloy just for bottom line, ultra low volume 6V batteries is cost prohibitive. Almost all the 'standard' group one 6V batteries you now get for $50 at Farm & Fleet, etc. actually have the maintenance free Lead-Calcium plates. They just don't tell you and put it all in the old design cases with cell caps.

      If you ran one of those newer 'dirty little secret' Group 1 batteries with the correct regulated 7.15V supply it would go years without needing water. Unfortunately the ONLY 6V regulator available for the Delco 10/12SI perversions a lot of guys run puts out a whopping 7.7V. Also, lots of guys with stock generators have the third brush set for waaaaay to much output. That will gas the water out of any type battery, maintenance free or not.

      Fortunately the buyers of the expensive original Ford script replacements, now apparently 'maintenance free', won't be running those 7.7V 10SI perversions. Hopefully they will keep the third brush under control, just an amp or two of charge. That should give at least five years service, better than the two years expected with the old plate/alloy design.
      Mechanical engineering 101: If you put an adjustment knob, screw, bolt, or tolerance specs on something, some people will immediately fiddle with it. If you mark it DO NOT TOUCH everyone will mess with it.


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        It also comes with a 1 year replacement battery or three year prorated


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          Rusty Nelson
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