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Any Hope for Sulfated Batteries?

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  • Any Hope for Sulfated Batteries?

    Some of the newer battery chargers have a feature to rejuvenate sulfated batteries.

    I'm wondering if it's worth trying one.

    Does anyone here own one, how well does it work, what brand is it, and how much did it cost? Thanks

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    Interesting topic
    Many of the tenders have a desulfating stage built in to induce electrical pulses to clean the plates

    When your charger arrives in that little brown Amazon box, you'll probably be excited to rip it open and charge immediately, but take a moment to recognize the world's smartest battery maintainer you have in your hand. Note the sturdy sealed construction and quality components that allow us to back this smart charger with a 5 YR WARRANTY. This thing is built to last and endure years of trouble free use and unavoidable incidental elements like water and dust (unlike our competitors). Small and convenient, set it and forget it; easy as plugging in and connecting the clips... Connect your 5 stage Mini-Pro to your battery, lead/acid, AGM, sealed, gel, you've now done what no other charger in our class does. The Mini-Pro has a desulphation stage that fires very high frequency electrical pulses back through the battery to blow the sulfates off the plates that cause slow charging and poor battery performance, reduced or eliminated sulfates allows a deeper, faster charge, better performance and increases the overall life of the battery significantly. Your battery will now be ready to go when you are no matter how long you leave it. The Mini-Pro keeps your battery fully charged with these 5 stages: Desulphation>Bulk Charge>Absorption>Analysis>Float Stage and if your battery voltage drops the Mini-Pro automatically switches to Bulk Charge mode and cycle repeats. No hassles, just leave it plugged in and it safely and indefinitely charges. When you buy you get our 100 percent Iron Clad, Better than Money Back Guarantee and Our Full 5 Yr. Warranty! If you are not satisfied with your charger (ANY REASON) just call or email and we'll refund or replace your charger.
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      Originally posted by Tom Wesenberg View Post
      Some of the newer battery chargers have a feature to rejuvenate sulfated batteries.

      I'm wondering if it's worth trying one.

      Does anyone here own one, how well does it work, what brand is it, and how much did it cost? Thanks
      Maybe try this;


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        Just ordered a 12V Keyline charger off of Amazon thru the link Mitch put up. Thanks!


        • Mitch
          Mitch commented
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          That particular unit is strictly 12v correct?

        • Jeff/Illinois
          Jeff/Illinois commented
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          Yes Mitch that is all I found, but that's OK as we have a '69 Mach 1 and also an older F-150 that spend most of their time sitting this will be perfect.

          Still have a couple of 6V Deltran trickle chargers for the 6V Fords, that plus Tom Wesenberg's EVR keep those batteries good for a LONG time!!

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        Well for what it's worth this is what we did when I was a kid. It did work but I do not recommend it. Pour the electrolyte out of the battery. Rinse well with fresh water. Add a teaspoon of baking soda to each cell and let it sit. Rinse well again several times. Add new acid which you could but at a parts store. It did work for awhile but not environmentally friendly.
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        • Jeff/Illinois
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          Floyd on the used car lot at the Ford dealership I was at in the early 70's used to drop half an aspirin in each cell if he thought a customer was coming to look at one of his used cars that had been sitting a while!

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