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  • Generator output post location

    All Model A fine point cars that I've observed (post Powerhouse gennies, 1929-1931) have the output post on the generator towards the 'back', away from the front of the car. Seems like I've been noticing more Model A's anymore that have the long Autolite generator with the output post on the front near the radiator, so the cutout relay is mounted 'backwards'.

    I realize that the generator doesn't care about this, but where did that come about?? Was it a generator sold by like Western Auto or a similar auto parts store in the Model A and later era? I turned down a good generator a while back that had this, probably should have bought it but it looked 'weird'. Are they even an Autolite generator??

    Thanks for the help on clearing this up I didn't see anything relating to this in the Judging Standards................

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    They are original style generators, but i don't have the production date / usage style differences in front of me now.
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      The front stud was used until March 1930, then the stud was moved to the rear and the rear bearing was changed to a bushing.


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        Got it Tom thanks


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