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  • New model a block

    Have not heard anything lately know one exists because it is on you tube is this still a go? I know Todd is doing other things as well.

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    I've been following Tod & he's still at it. He does stuff that BOGGLES your mind! He's now working on a 5 MAIN block.
    Bill W.


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      Bill another guy was trying that as well but gave up as the cost was just too high. A five main would be great and you could build some horsepower which leads to the next weak link in the chain, the group i was around last week ran 55-60 and i can not believe they all had the brakes to handle that.


      • Mitch
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        did most have overdrives?

      • DaWizard
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        And 5 point harnesses, and a death wish?

      • BNCHIEF
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        Yes they did have overdrives I was following them in my new pick-up so i know what they are doing, for me 50 maybe 55 is good, i have guts I have been on a roadracer at 160 and things float. This is where I really like these radials.

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      I would post a link to the pour and the new engine running as it is quite interesting we did foundry when i was in high school. Can't get a good link but it is darn interesting to watch if you ever do it.


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        The five bearing block itself is one thing. The crank and rods and bearings are another story. Without having a crank design and a source for it and main bearings that will fit the block is just a hunk of machined iron. I am not against the idea of a five bearing block, just to many details not fully worked out for me. I know Scat said they would make a crank, but has anyone seen the design? What off the shelf insert bearings will fit the block and crank. With more space taken up with mains, who would make the rods? as the bearing surface for them would need to be narrower than standard rods. Would stock timing gears fit the crank? Valve train wise if dimensions were left alone and insert cam bearings made available we would be OK. The project seems like a good idea, I just have too many questions. I can put them together well if every part has a chance to work and I don't have to design everything around the machined chunk of iron. Rod
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          All questions for Mr Buttermore. Has he been invited over here?
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          • Rowdy
            Rowdy commented
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            I am not sure. Figured by now he had been. I have no contact info for him and am not welcome over there. Rod

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          If they were to go through the trouble to build a 5 main bearing block, then I would hope they design it for a larger diameter camshaft.


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