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Opinions on Nurex auto advance system

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  • Opinions on Nurex auto advance system

    Gentlemen, as I compile the "wish list" for my new 29 Tudor, the Nurex system is one thing I am considering. I know the purists feel this is an affront to Henry's creation, but I'm not building a fine points winner. I plan to drive the car for a while to get the feel of the Model A as it was designed. I would like feedback from those of you that have first hand experience with the Nurex system.

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    Just curious what advantage will that be for a stock Model A. Will it run faster, start better, better gas mileage ?


    • slammin
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      Faster with 40 HP! Mark in post #5 answers the last 2 questions with better starting and gas mileage. Gas mileage is not one of my major considerations but reliability and drive ability are.

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    There are quite a few guys in our club that are using the NuRex timing advance system.

    Here's a 12 minute movie on installing the NuRex timing device:

    This video demonstrates the steps necessary to install a Nu-Rex Automatic Timing System.

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      I emailed Tom @ Snyder's in the past and asked about this item. I told him I have a 6:1 head and wanted to know if this will work for me. He said the best thing to do that they have found would be to stay with the original advance on the column for now.


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        im a 100% believer in it, Used in for years and loved it., Better starting, better gas milage, better pickup as the dizzy spins down as you slow and stops the "lugging". i have since removed it only because i am now using a B dizzy and it has it built in and i LOVE IT...well worth the money for the Nu-Rex in my opinion.. OH and i ran a high comp. head during the entire time.
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          Originally posted by slammin View Post
          Faster with 40 HP! Mark in post #5 answers the last 2 questions with better starting and gas mileage. Gas mileage is not one of my major considerations but reliability and drive ability are.
          Yup, remember you have a high comp head so your faster to begin with, now with the nu rex you sill see a difference, the car will drive great as you slow down and speed up you will feel the difference in the way the engine responds. Just had a buddy install in his cabriolet and he won't remove it now....heheh
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            I had one in my coupe, and it was fine in the summer, but would stick in the winter and after a mile or so, would free up and advance the spark. I took it out and sold it.
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              I have had one in my 1928 Coupe for almost 7,000 miles without a problem. I love it and have removed the control rod from the steering column to the distributor to keep from adding advance to the centrifugal unit. I also pinned the upper plate in the distributor so it does not move.


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                Starts easier? My all stock A's all start on the first two turns when cold; when warm, they start almost inmmediately on the first turnover, because they are set up correctly. Gas mileage? I don't own a Model A for gas mileage. Go faster? I drive my Honda when I want to go fast; I drive my Model As when I want to let go of driving fast.

                My decisions here have nothing to do with fine points or judging. I maintain and drive my cars in as close to 1928-31 standards as possible so as to experience the engineering, limitations, fantasy, and mechanical genius of the Model A Ford. If I wanted a different kind of experience, I'd buy a different car. Everybody has their own ideas, of course. This is just my story, as it has been for 56 years of Model A ownership.


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                  I have been and will continue to be a firm believer in the Nu-Rex centrifugal advance unit, and I personally run one in my '28 Tudor and love it to the point of removing the rod from steering to plate.

                  I think I just finished an article here about a small modification that I feel should be done to attach it to the oil pump drive unit so IF you ever need to remove the distributor the advance unit will stay in the oil pump drive and not lift up from the drive and wind up in the valve valley.


                  Check it out.
                  You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


                  • Mitch
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                    When you called Nurex did they ever hear of that happening?

                  • DaWizard
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                    Well.......he didn't come right out and say he knew it was happening, but he also didn't say it wasn't. He did however admit that there would be no harm in using a set screw to insure it doesn't happen.

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                  I am seriously thinking about one of these units.


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