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Rear axle issues

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  • Rear axle issues

    Recently, the right rear drum is rubbing on the backing plate (39-42 Hydraulics). The right rear axle is 4-9/16" from the hub to the end of the axle. The left rear axle is 4-11/16" That 1/8" can not be shimmed as the contact on the shoes will be affected and how the drum seats on the axle taper. I pulled the axles and gears and can not figure where the 1/8" is missing. There's no way to shim the backing plate to eliminate the rubbing. BTW, this is on my roadster with quarter elliptic suspension and I have a lift so it was easy to pull. Thanks it advance for your input.
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    I suspect you are a fairly able mechanic, so don't be offended. I assume you know about the thin shims that go on the spindle to move the drum outwards? It still doesn't explain why this is a new problem on an existing setup, if I understand correctly.


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      What happens if you swap the hub / drums from side to side?
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        Some use the shims on the axle taper, others grind a little off the rear of the drums to get clearance. Is the rear end banjo style?? Nice build, engine??
        Paul in CT


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          Rear axle taper
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          When assembling the rear wheel hub to the axle taper is it installed dry or lubed?
          09-02-2019, 06:42 AM
        • Tom Wesenberg
          Damaged Rear Axle Keyway
          by Tom Wesenberg
          You need to keep the axle taper clean dry and smooth, and keep the axle nut tight to prevent damage like this.
          I wonder if someone was spinning the rear wheel, then hit dry pavement to do this much damage?
          This is the second free axle I got with this kind of damage.
          02-09-2020, 09:59 AM
        • Great Lakes Greg
          Brake drum rubbing.
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          This is the rear drum. The drum is going on too far and the outside edge of the shoes are rubbing, metal to metal. This is confirmed through witness marks. I cut a shim out of a beer can, then another, so I now have 10 thousandths on the axle taper. This has always worked for me before, but it still rubs. The axle taper is nice, good keyway, no grooves like the drum spun on it. I can't shim anymore...
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          The threads that retain the brake drum are stripped at the drivers side rear axle. What is the easiest way to replace the axle shaft? I have searched this site but have not found an answer, maybe I am not describing what I need correctly.
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          When I disassembled the rear brakes for sending out for overhaul I found a worn through shim on the left rear hub. I'm about ready to reassemble the new rear brakes and am wondering how and what to check for as far as shimming is concerned. I ordered up a couple of new shims to have on hand just in case.
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          Making a shopping list of a few items I need for spring maintenance from Snyders, and I cannot find rear axle bearings on the site. I remember reading that the new china bearings are not too good. What are choices for new bearings?
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          When adding rear axle shims do you lubricate the hub with anything to help it torque up easier? It is hard to get the hub on without getting grease on the axle anyway. Maybe liquid soap!
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          special thanks to Corley on suggestions on the need or not to fully box Model A frame. I am contemplating installing a 7.5 Ford Ranger rear axle in my 29 CCP. Using 4 link rear suspension with original style transverse spring, with a 5.0 Mustang engine and T5 gear box. I am not looking to lower this and totally chop it up Hot Rod style, I want to retain the visual of this . and drive it every day...
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          Well finally getting parts out of the barn of my 31 roadster. Got looking at the front axle and it looks bent, put a string from end to end and she has a 3/8 to 7/16 pow to the rear. I'll start looking for someone with a press but till then, is there a spec on the bow top to bottom ? or anything else I should look for ? As always, thanks for any help. Mikey...
          04-29-2018, 08:06 PM