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clam shell leaking

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  • clam shell leaking

    universal clam shell was leaking badly so replaced the felts. thought the problem was solved but after several hundred miles it is leaking badly again.have been using cornhead grease. should I try a thicker grease
    or any ideas why this is leaking again. 1931 deluxe delivery.

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    I have had good results with the paper gaskets and the red grease. I don't remember which kind, but know it was red.

    It is not unusual to leak, but try assembling the 2 halves first before assembling to trans.
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      not sure how you would do that


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        We had the same issue after pumping the corn head stuff in the universal with new felts, etc.This grease appears to become less viscous as it warms up.
        The speedo gear seems to like it though. Perhaps the felts are too soft when compressed.


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          Welcome to the VFF!!

          I fill the empty cavity with a 14.5 ounce grease tube using my air grease gun. The same grease i use for my wheel bearings and chassis
          I would try switching products

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            took off the speedo housing off and the cornhead grease started running out like it was oil. pumped it full of mystic jt6-2. hopefully this will take care of the problem.


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              I may remove the cornhead as well. It is a Polyurea based grease. However, I believe the Mystic 2 grease is lithium based and not sure that should be mixed up with non compatible products without a thorough cleaning process.. We have old non- lithium based tube grease which may be more compatible. Any thoughts if this really matters?
              As a side note, not sure how cornhead works in freezing climates in steering boxes. We've tried it and it seems to be OK so far, except it can leak some when it heats up..


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