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30 Coupe -passenger latch assy

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  • 30 Coupe -passenger latch assy

    Anyone have a good picture of passenger latch assembly they can post? All my springs are broke/missing and I'd like to be sure I'm replacing them properly


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    Did you ever get your springs installed on the latch?

    I have some pictures of my 29 left door latch assembly, which should be the same as a 30 coupe latch. The right latch of course would have a key lock, where my picture shows an inside slide lock, but the springs for the latch assemble should be the same. In the third picture you can see the loop end of the main latch spring, which needs to be tucked inside the door lip as you install the assembly. In the fourth picture you can see I still need to install the spring on the rod from the handle to the latch assembly. After installing new springs and greasing all the moving parts, my door latches very nicely now.
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      Thanks Tom.


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        You do not have permission to view this gallery.
        This gallery has 4 photos.
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