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  • Throttle assembly

    Hi folks,

    Work on my 1929 restoration continues. Today's topic is the throttle assembly. I cleaned it up over the weekend - got rid of all of the gunk that 80+ years have put on. The lever that connects back to the hand throttle control rod was badly stuck - immovable. After a bunch of TLC and a bunch of Kroil, I got it loosened up but now I'm worried that it's TOO loose. It spins freely on the shaft with no resistance at all. Is that the way it's supposed to be? If that's the case, it would seem that the only thing holding the hand adjustment for the throttle is the friction between the control rod and the notches on the top of the steering column. Is that right?

    The rest of the assembly (which appears to be a type 3) is fine - even the spring works well. I replaced the cotter pin on top of the piece in question but that's it.

    Thanks for any insight!


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    Yes, it should move freely. It's fine.


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      Excellent. Thanks!


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        Notice that there are two little holes on the top side for a drop of oil to go.
        This is noted in the lubrication chart item G
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          BTW, when someone removes or installs an engine without removing this part first, the part often gets bent. Notice the two uprights curve forward for more clearance to the firewall, and when those get bent, it's hard to get them perfect, where there isn't still some friction on the shaft. Someone bent the one on my 28, and it still has a little friction, so it might not come back to the slow idle without snapping the pedal. I'll work on it the next time I have the engine out.


          • Mitch
            Mitch commented
            Editing a comment
            I think i have a couple of these in that "" Pile for sale"" in the for sale area

            Not sure what styles though

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