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Frustrating Water Pump Rebuild

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  • Frustrating Water Pump Rebuild

    This should be easy. I posted about two weeks ago about the bushing in the rear of the water pump. Replies were to use the dual lip seal bushing. I got info from Steve at Bert's about which bushing that was and I ordered two. I have a new shaft, impeller, front bearing race, and the cups, felts and washers for the front bearing. I also had a very good condition "leakless" pack nut.

    The new bushing with the better seal is shorter than the leakless bushing. The leakless pack nut bottoms out. Now I am wondering what I need to purchase without buying a whole new leakless kit. Any advice. This really should have been pretty simple, but I sure have made it complicated.

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    I'll see if I can find my picture, but I'm sure mine was the same length as the original bushing. Found the picture, but unfortunately I had the bushing standing on end.

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        Give Steve at Bert's a call.


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          Finally figured out the issue on the water pump. I went to Mike's AFordable on Saturday (they had their grandfathers day car show so it was a worthwhile trip). With Mike and one of his employees, we found that the leakless pack nut that they sold would not fit with the new leakless bushings they sold. The pack nut was too long and would bottom out on the casting before the leakless packing would contact the bushing and seal. Turns out there was a slight relief line on the outside barrel of the pack nut where the nut must be cut back to in order to use with the new bushing. (There new leakless bushing is the same length as the one I got from Bert's) They were very good and took two parts out to the shop and machined back to that line and it works fine. Finally got the new Snyder head on and just a few more little tasks as time to fire it up for the first time in over 30 years!


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            The small parts were all bagged with Bratton's labels.

            I will start with the front bearing felt retainers. The 2 repro ones are on the left. The others are were taken...
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