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The American Machinist and the Fay Leone Faurote articles...

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  • The American Machinist and the Fay Leone Faurote articles...

    In 1928 and in the American Machinist magazine, Mr. Fay Leone Faurote wrote several articles, 12 altogether, about the Ford Model A titled "Equipment Makes Possible the Ford Model A". These articles went from April 19, 1928 through August 16, least these are what I have.

    My question is this...For those that may know...were there other articles written by him beyond August 16, 1928?



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    Ive been looking for those articles also....only turned up a couple in the series you mention. I'm unaware of any others.


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      view them online here:

      or purchase hard copies:


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        I have a paper back copy of 'Ford methods and shops'. The copyright is 1915, so no help with the Model A. Also many of the pages are half tone, so nearly unreadable.


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          Like you say, Fay Leone Faurote's first article was in the 19 April 1928 issue of American Machinist and his last was in the 16 August 1928 issue.

          However, the first article I have by Fay Leone Faurote on Ford appeared in the March 1928 issue of Factory and Industrial Management ; it is titled "Make Time and Space, Earn Their Keep, Two basic Principles of Ford Production Planning".

          Fay Leone Faurote also wrote articles for The Iron Age of the same era. His last article on Ford, that I have, was in the September 1928 issue of Factory and Industrial Management (p.510-513) titled "Splitting an Inch a Million Ways".

          Later articles on Ford in American Machinist were written by C. W. Avery (President of Murray), George E. Hagemann and Herbert Chase with one anonymous article in the 9 October 1930 issue.

          Hope that helps,
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