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  • More oil fill tube

    I have an oil fill tube that does not have a removable cap. It does have a flexible vent pipe going down the side. What is this thing?

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    sounds aftermarket to direct blow-by fumes away from the engine itself



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      It's what I use I'm sure, described as an oil breather.
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        an original fumaze goes for big $$ over 100
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          Originally posted by Mitch View Post
          an original fumaze goes for big $$ over 100
          I use a aftermarket fumaze. Picked it up pretty cheap at a swap meet. The driver side used to get a fine mist of oil. Now it stays nice and clean and dry. But the one thing I noticed is that the rear main doesn't leak as much anymore. Can someone explain why or is it just a coincidences


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            it is acting as a draft tube


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              There's one on eBay right now!


              FYI, This one sold for $155 earlier this week
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                I opted for a '32 B engine larger dia. pipe after some web searching. The caps are hard to find but show up from time to time. Doing the plastic bag test over the fill hole, the larger pipe appears to breathe a little better. I'm not sure the breather cap screen restricts air flow compared to the fumaze. I think the vendors sell a modern (pricey) version of the '32 pipe..One guy I chatted with fabricated the pipe from exhaust pipe transition fittings available from autoparts stores and then found a breathing cap to fit. There were no internal baffles, however.


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                  I also have the B oil filler tube. Cap is a little rough. It will work until I find one lf the aluminium caps to fit it. Rod
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                    The draft tube on ebay sold for $155!


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                      Originally posted by Purdy
                      The real Fumaze is a collectors item and in my opinion looks and works better than others .
                      I bought mine on eBay several years ago for $15, probably because the seller didn't know what he had. The most recent one on eBay sold for $154 ! I can attest to the fact that it does the job as advertised, and works much better than the ones with the flexible tubes that the vendors sell these days.
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                      Antique Auto Mushers of Alaska
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                        Could the '32 larger pipe perform better than the Fumaze,? I removed my Fumaze (and other accessories) due to theft concerns. As mentioned, with a newly rebuilt engine, the '32 exhibits a lot of back pressure relief via the bag test.


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                          On his CCPU, Les extended the flex pipe CLEAN to the rear of his truck, using flex conduit tubing.
                          He & his Wife drove thet dude clear to Canada & back, with NO SMELL!!!
                          Vermins' cap has a missing hose, I'll replace it with that same kind of conduit, the Dog will test it for me, he smells EVERYTHING!!!
                          Bill Nose
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