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    I am planning on installing a electrical shutoff switch. I presently have some SAE #2 cable available but reading Brattons catalog they advertise a #1 Battery Cable. If I am correct in that the #1 is larger then my #2, is it necessary? This is for a 6 Volt System with Generator.

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    The proper spec is a #1 sized cable so i would use that.
    Can you get away with a #2 probably but why!
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      We used to buy from NAPA 0 and 00 gauge for 6 volt systems and apply our own copper ends. However, 2/0 , 1/0 , and 1 gauge are larger conductors than 2 for higher amperages and cable length . Using a quality battery cutoff switch which is suggested for an A, one may need to assemble cables to suit switch location.


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        Car battery cables can be assembled to your gauge, length desired, and end connections desired from several sources on EBay. When I wire in a floor cut-out, I order my wire from these sources. Incidentally, a very good way to wire a cut-out is in the ground wire to the frame and then a second wire from that same frame bolt to the engine bell housing. Kind of like wearing a belt and suspenders but it does give a good ground. Positive ground of course.
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          With oo cables, you could arc weld something, if it broke on the ROAD!!!
          Dad Zap


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            speaking of welding, and this is totally off topic, you can weld if you put 2 12V batteries in series. This might save someone's butt someday......


            • BILL WILLIAMSON
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              And a BIG UGLY arc welder runs a starter REALLY FAST!
              Bill Dangerous

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