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    As said above I have a Garmin with hopes of programing it for Model A tours. What I would like to do is program it for secondary roads and streets I would like to use going thru some cities. I have programed a trip on Google Maps but have been unable to get the trip to my Garmin.

    Is there anyone who has accomplished this and can share some info as to how it is done?
    Thank You

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    here ya go Cape!

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      Thanks Mitch for the information but to be honest I don't really understand how to do what I want to do.
      I thought perhaps some else that has had some experience with this particular Garmen GPS would have made a comment.
      I actually saw this particular model at the National in Gettysburg. A gentle men (who I don't remember his name) could not say enough good things about it.
      Thanks again Mitch!


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        I think there is a way to get a route you made from Google maps on your computer onto your smart phone GPS. If you have a smart phone, let me know, there will be a techie guy here next week and I can ask him.
        I just turn off highways on Google maps on my Samsung Galaxy and let google maps on the phone take it from there.

        I am not clear if this is what you want.
        Once smarts phones came out with GPS capability, I have sidestepped my Garmin


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          Yikes!! I just read the manual in the link Mitch posted. What a nightmare, waaaay more complicated than Google maps on a smartphone.
          Page 15 explains how to send info from your smartphone to the Garmin.
          I was also concerned that the maps are stored in the Garmin, and you have to use your home computer to go online to update them. This is very different than Google maps, which has the maps basically in the Google cloud, and you are always getting up-to-date maps.
          I saw nothing to help you send info from your home computer to your Garmin
          Seems to me I recall several years ago that MapQuest bought Garmin and made it into a nightmare.

          Google maps on a smartphone is so easy, I can even do it. You just give a verbal command to the app, it plots the route within seconds (usually several routes are shown, and you can choose, or just use the default route) , hit 'start', and off you go. If you had several destinations in an unknown city, just voice command it each time for each destination.

          OK, I am confused. I re-read your original post. If you already programmed the route in Google maps, why not let that app itself lead you. Not sure where the need for the Garmin comes in
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            I just still use paper maps and work out tour routes by driving them. I guess I'm old fashioned.


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              go to settings on your Garmin and click on avoidance's. Click the box to avoid highways.

              Set your route on your Garmin by city or address then let it calculate. It usually gives you a couple routes you can choose from. One may be highlighted in blue and another in red, or more colors. If one of these routes looks good to you click on it.

              You can also drag the route with your finger over to another intersection or city and it will usually ask you if you want to change the route.

              Its not as easy as Google on the computer, but it gets me there. I travel all over for work and use my Garmin all the time. Dont remember what model I have.


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                One of these days I'm going to go down to AAA and tell them I need a route plan from my house to Denver. ... no freeways, secondary roads only. I'll need it someday anyway.


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                  "Seems to me I recall several years ago that MapQuest bought Garmin and made it into a nightmare."

                  That sure would explain a lot.
                  Years ago MapQuest was good and easy to use, then they changed, and very much for the worse. I quit using it and now only use Google Maps.

                  I have a 10 year old Amcor GPS, and it works great. It's easy to enter the address, and has a nice display with all the information I need. My friend kept telling me I need to update to a new Garmin, so I finally bought one like he has. I don't like it, and it stays in the box while my 10 year old Amcor takes me where I want to go.

                  I agree with having paper maps, and stop at each state rest stop to get a map for each state I travel through.


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