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    I just installed this turn signal kit on a friend's car, and was impressed with the quality of the unit and the instructions, which were very clear and easy to follow. A third brake light (BrakeLighter) and right taillight were already installed on the car, so that also helped. I removed the Brakelighter power wire terminal, which contained the 2 wires for both sides of the third brake light, and tied each wire to each corresponding side brake light wire. The third brake light now also acts as an additional turn signal. The connector terminal strip for the brain box has set screws which push against a metal pad to pinch each wire tight. This made connecting the wire ends very easy, and no terminals need to be soldered to this end of the wires.

    I used the existing brake light wire for the left side, so I only had to run one new wire to the rear for the right side brake light.

    This unit will self cancel after a period, but will extend that period if your foot is on the brake while setting at a red light. By holding the toggle switch to the left for a few seconds, the 4 way flasher is turned on. If you are buying a turn signal kit, I'd give this one two thumbs up.

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    sounds well thought out!


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      Originally posted by tbirdtbird View Post
      sounds well thought out!
      My thoughts exactly, and I forgot to add that the ignition noise of the stock Model A does not mess with the turn signal operation. It works exactly the same whether the engine is off or running.


      • Mitch
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        I have heard other good reports about this setup in the past

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      Hey guys, its my car that they were installed into.. i have used this system before and no doubt it is one if not the best on the market, NOW here is the kit and also a shot of the plate with LED's on it with the switch, this allows me to se what is happening day or night.. it fits right below the dash rail and above the instrument panel. You can see in the last pic that have one installed in my previous sedan with a BLACK Switch, the model now includes the chrome one as it is advanced and controls the timer shut off and the BEEPER in the unit also...
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        Wow! This is much different from the three systems I have installed a few years ago. Mitch-With endorsements like this, I hope to see this within the technical reference forum so it doesn't slip my mind the next time I install a turn signal switch. At least half of the time I forget to turn off my turn signal with the units I have now.


        • Mitch
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          YES SIR

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        Wish I had seen this 7 years ago.
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          I like the turn signal in the headlights! Well everything else also :-)


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            Originally posted by Big hammer View Post
            I like the turn signal in the headlights! Well everything else also :-)
            the best part is you can have them ANYWHERE you want the box even comes with an optional "Parking Lights" connection OR as we know then Cowl Lights, or what ever you want..
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              I saw a 1930 Model A the other day, where the guy took a set of 1930 cowl lamps and made brackets and mounted them on the front bumper arms for the front turn signals. I thought that was clever I guess I'd never seen that before!


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                Just kidding. It turned out to be a frayed and broken wire between the brake light switch and the light. New wires...
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