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Bubba White: The Miracle Whitewall Brightener

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  • Bubba White: The Miracle Whitewall Brightener

    What does the creative redneck use to brighten whitewalls when the wife's fingers are already worn to the bone?

    Would her white shoe polish work in a pinch? Or is there a good whitewall tire paint at the part store?
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    the white wall cleaning debate...
    i just read on Brattons site under tires to use simple green... if anything with bleach is used it will screw up the rubber...

    another option is to turn the wheel around:p
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    I use Simple Green on Goodyear's, and the dirt melts away.


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      Simple Green on new whitewalls to keep them white, Comet Soft Scrub with bleach on old Bubba whitewalls and then Simple Green to keep them white. Use lightly, green scratch pad, wash off and roll with curlers!!!! ;)
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        Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work well without using chemicals that could affect the rubber.


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          Originally posted by Michael M View Post
          Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work well without using chemicals that could affect the rubber.
          I never heard of "Magic Erasers" until about 4 years ago when my neighbor told me to try them on my boat steering wheel. Nothing would remove the dirt and age to make it white again, until I tried Magic Eraser. That worked wonders.


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            I use Simple Green but I cut it with water. I think full strength is a little much. YMMV


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              I have found that Simple Green works wonders. Also, the 99¢ Store carry plastic ScotchBrite that will not eat the rubber.
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