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Stone Guard Side Brackets Not At Correct Height

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  • Stone Guard Side Brackets Not At Correct Height

    I posted this on ** awhile back and didn't get a resolution so I thought I would give this forum a try. I purchased a new stone guard for my 1931 and the side brackets are at least 1" higher then the headlight conduit grommets, shouldn't they be even with the grommets? Has anyone else run into this problem? The stone guard bottom bracket is hooked over the radiator shell bottom horizontal ledge correctly. Photos below show what I am referring to.


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    I remember my stone guard not fitting well at all. Too many yrs ago to recall what I did to it to make it fit. I am sure someone will step up to the plate.
    However, something to consider:
    The shell is very thin, almost paper thin, and the clips from the guard put strain on the shell, since that is the only 2 places the guard attaches. I have seen shells cracked from the strain, especially with the vibration inherent to the A. Also the bottom hook can crack the shell at the bottom

    Someone wanting to install the guard may want to reconsider because of this. They are not making a suitable 30-31 shell, so we have to work with what is out there already.

    I rigged up a support at the bottom of the guard which carries none of the weight on the shell, and the side clips are just stabilizers. However, it is a fab job I would not wish on my worst enemy. I could not even begin to describe how I did it.

    In the end I wished I had side-stepped the guard
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      I have a few questions
      You purchased it new, did you contact the vendor?
      What is the difference of the 30 to a 31 stone guard?
      I'm assuming you have the brackets that hook into the shell holes
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      • tbirdtbird
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        I did not contact the vendor. Perhaps should have but had come accept badly fitting parts as the norm; this was 30 yrs ago
        Not sure of difference between '30 and '31, thought they were the same
        yes i did have the small right angle brackets but it was immediately obvious they would put undue strain on the shell. They now function as stabilizers only. Cannot recall if I modified the tabs on the side; I may have moved them

        The only way I could show you what I did to the guard at the bottom for good support would be if it were off the car; the mods I made CANNOT be detected with it installed.

        In this case the OP might well off be advised to contact the vendor
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      • Mitch
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        DAVE i was replying to the OTHER DAVE the OP who has your NAME

      • dahrens1
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        Yes, the vendor has been great and sent me another 1931 SG and a 1930 SG for comparison. The second 31 sent was exactly the same as the first one sent and the 1930 SG was too tall with the oval for the Ford emblem off by at least 1/2" too high which is expected since the 1930 shell has different dimensions (taller) then the 1931 SG as you know. I do have the brackets that hook into the shell holes and as a last resort I can fabricate something to bring the side tabs down the required amount so I can use them but I was hoping to avoid having to do this.

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      From what I understand the Ford emblem is in a slightly different location on the 1930 than on the 1931.



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        OK, I just looked with a mirror.
        The original brackets were indeed 1" too high.
        I cut them off, fabbed new ones , and plug welded them on with SS MIG wire and a stainless gas mix, and buffed out the welds. You cannot see it. Long time ago, I forgot all about it.

        So, no the fit is miserable out of the box. This is on a '31 just for the record
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          We had one that fit with brackets offset and rubber spacer bumpers. Took it off as it put a lot of stress on the original '31 shell as noted by others. Much easier to clean/ touch up radiator fins without it.


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            Mine went on 5 or six years ago with no problems. Was a gift from my brother and I don't know where he got it. Most likely Vintique.
            Paul in CT


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              Hmmm, that makes me suspect there is a supply of bad-fitting stock out there the vendors are trying to move off the shelves
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