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  • 2017 GAMARAI

    Central Iowa Model A Ford Club's annual cruise in Iowa going on this week. Great Annual Model A Ride Around Iowa. Today they are in Davenport I see on their web site. Good weather going on now..... anybody on here that can see them or post a few pics?? Marshall are you out there!!?? I have to run to the Quad Cities Wed. I will try to hunt them down. They are also going to view Craig Beek's Model T collection. I have seen it it is amazing! And he is a super nice fellow!

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    It's also listed in our meets and tours forum

    Chief from here went
    4~ Tudor's
    1~ Coupe

    Henry Ford said,
    "It's all nuts and bolts"

    Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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      Jeff i will tell everyone all about it here stay tuned.


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        Thanks I went up to Craig Beek's to see the cars, they were great! I may have spoken to you I milled around the group a lot. I was going to drive the '36 PU there but I thought 'it's too stinkin' hot' then when I realized just what the Central Iowa Model A Club had endured I realized I was just a big weenie!! I saw on the weather that nite that the QC got a torrential downpour and quite a lightning show. Take care....


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          Jeff that is true i had mine tucked safely in the trailer, Unfortunately you did not speak to me I was sicker than a dog and spent the day in my room asleep,however I did attend the presentation he did the night before quite an impressive collection. It is said he has every kind of brass era t that ford made made except one a 1908 2 pedal 2 lever also called a 1909 but said he knew where some were. Quite a guy. wish i had been there and able to meet you talked to a few guys who had just acquired model t"s and offered any help I could here on the vff in the t section we need to pump it up. By the way beautiful area and wonderful people some folks from the illinois chapter 5 of them joined us in davenport.


          • Jeff/Illinois
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            Yes there was a group from Forever Fours down in Peoria that came up. I was sitting talking to them and didn't realize they were from Peoria until they got up to leave; I didn't want to hold them up I wanted to ask them about Rainmaker Ron and what was going on in his circles..... I don't know him real well only met him briefly about 8 years ago. Pretty knowledgable Model A guy for sure plus he has a '35 Ford pickup I needed to pick his brain on a couple things.

            When the Cabriolet was leaving north on 7th St. along with several others, heading for the John Deere Commons down by Plow Planter, I got behind them to listen to the cars and see them driving. A Moline cop was so taken by the Model A's that I saw him run a red light while he was gawking at them. Luckily there was a gap in traffic it could have been bad!!
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        • BNCHIEF
          by BNCHIEF
          This past week I went to tour with the central model a club of Iowa, what a wonderful bunch of people make you feel right at home We left Altoona Iowa(desmoines) on our way to Davenport Ia. On the way we visited the amana colonies and drove thru rural areas with fields of corn and beautiful farms. We then spent the next 3 nights in davenport on the mississippi river. There is so much to see there...
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        • BNCHIEF
          Gammarri Tour completed
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          I just got back from the gamari tour in Iowa each year they pack a suitcase and drive to a different place each year starting out in Desmoines Iowa this is put on by the central iowa model a club and lasts ten days. Happy to say my car ran like a champ it was hot and windy 95, went to fonda iowa very nice little museum here had lunch in the community center and drove to emmittsburg for the night....
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        • Curly
          Where is your clubs big tour this season?
          by Curly
          Our Alaskan A’s just returned from a week long trip to Kodiak, Alaska. We had about 20 vintage cars half were Model A’s. The ferry ride was a nine hour ferry each way. The cars were enclosed in the belly of the ship the whole way.
          The folks in Kodiak were so appreciative and they really rolled out the red carpet for us. One member lost a main bearing on the way but his son had him another...
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        • Mark Maron
          Today the 14th is INTERNATIONAL MODEL A DAY....Lets see club pics
          by Mark Maron
          TODAY is INTERNATIONAL MODEL A DAY. INTERNATIONAL MODEL “A” FORD DAY 2019 will take place Saturday, September 14th, with a local rain date of 9/15. SO Show us pics NOT of you car but what you and you clubs are doing TODAY for International Model A Day!...
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        • Jim Baskin III
          Future of Auto Restoration
          by Jim Baskin III
          Took the Model A to a show at Penn College of Williamsport Pennsylvania.They have a 2 and 4 year auto restoration degree.The only one on the east coast.We as a club got to tour the Restoration shop.The tour was fascinating and I got to meet the students that are enrolled.They are Model T and Model A nuts,now I'm talking about 18-22 year olds.They have put together 1 stationary Model T and 2 stationary...
          04-09-2018, 08:05 AM
        • Tom Wesenberg
          Model A Day in the Amana Colonies in Iowa August 19th
          by Tom Wesenberg
          After I left the Studebaker National Meet in South Bend on May 6th, I needed to kill a day before meeting a couple of old Army buddies in Iowa. So when I stopped at the roadside rest in Iowa on May 7th, I asked the lady "what can I do or see to kill a day". She gave me a small newspaper telling about the Amana Colonies, and mentioned that the Maipole Festival was May 6th and 7th. The 6th...
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        • DaWizard
          58th Orange County MAFCA Pancake Breakfast
          by DaWizard
          Today started out at a brisk 59º in the city of Orange, Ca. Hart Park opened at 05:00 and I drove in and parked at 05:15, broke out the chair and began watching the cars roll in, and roll in they did.

          There were around 250 Model As of all shapes and sizes. I do hope you like the pictures I took, because here they are...
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          03-24-2019, 07:12 PM
        • BNCHIEF
          The VFF and the past year in review.
          by BNCHIEF
          Lets talk about the growth and progression of the VFF in the past year and some of the positives and negatives if there are some but please elaborate good or bad but be constructive and helpful anyone can complain, after all this forum will only continue to be as good as it can be if we all make it that way thru our articles pictures and contributions. I am talking across all the sub-forums here on...
          12-28-2018, 06:59 AM
        • Mark Maron
          International Model A Day today AND Tomorrow Lets see what you did??
          by Mark Maron
          Show us your pics from your club outing and such and mail them all the [email protected]. Share you activities with us all!
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          09-22-2018, 05:44 PM
        • Supergnat
          Delaware Valley Model A Club Banquet
          by Supergnat
          The Delaware Valley Model A Club had their annual banquet today. 17 Cars were preset. !5 Model A's 1 Model T, and 1 American Austin.
          Check out the photos.
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          This gallery has 18 photos.
          09-24-2017, 06:13 PM