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    Bought oil from Walmart, picked up the wrong weight, took it back to get the right weight. No problem but the young lady said the cap is leaking, she opened it and what was inside was OLD DRAIN OIL !
    They made it right but I felt like a heel/crook
    So after paying for oil, in fronf of the clerk, I'm going to open the container and check for new clean oil this point forward!

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    Somebody returned used oil?


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      stuff like that happens all the time.
      Miles bought a half-shaft for his Lexus. The box was kind of greasy at one end and taped shut with random cellophane tape.
      He looked at it and told the clerk he was gonna open it right there, since he knew what had happened. Sure enough, inside was a used half-shaft. It was returned for full credit by a crook of a customer, and possibly a counter guy was in on the deal, and back on the shelf it went as if it were new.
      The O'Reilly boys said this kind of thing happens all the time.
      So, someone brought back motor oil for a refund, but it was the used oil, and either no one checked the caps or the clerk was complicit. Had a Lowe's employee tell me someone returned a pressure washer in an unopened box. It was not checked by the clerk since the box closures appeared to be all factory. Well, it ended up being full of bricks. Now they open each and every return no matter what


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        I have opened boxes at Home Depot and found what looked like someones driveway concrete chunks. One thing I always do is open the box there if it looks any kind of funny.
        You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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          In the 80's I had the same thing happen with a box of 8 spark plugs.
          Fleet Farm also opens all returns to check the parts. Lots of scum bags out there.


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            Auto parts stores and dealerships will not accept a return on an electrical part and I can't blame them.

            Today the level of dis-honesty is at an all time high. I'm 63 years old and am amazed at how far it has gone, I've really seen a change in my lifetime. People take pride in ripping the other guy off. I guess it makes them feel 'superior' or something. To bring back old motor oil for a refund like it was new oil....... geez it's pathetic. And for what? a few bucks? How much Meth is that gonna buy 'em?


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              A little off topic fom the OP but today i ordered a fuel pump that goes in the tank and inside the box was a COP (direct ignition coil) sealed in the package unopened.. Of course i called the jobber and screamed at him.

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                Ran up against that many, many times as a manager at Home Depot. We opened all box's on returns. Not sure if play acting or real, but some people sure could act ignorant at times.
                One guy filled a toilet bowl with all the tools he would need to install the toilet, even silicone. He did not realize tools have magnet tags.


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                  I was standing outside of auto zone the other day, and a guy came running out the door, alarm went off, as he headed to the edge of the store, and around the corner and gone,before an employee could even get out the door.


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