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    Since this is the second speedo cable I have purchased from Moss, I was informed they get them from Snyder's, so I am sending out this warning. The internal cable for the 28/29 is too short if you use the stock outer cable!!

    It will fit but when pushed all the way into the depth of the turtle, it is short in making it all the way into the speedo square and you need it all the way into the turtle to engage the slot or it won't turn.

    Now, I am not the bringer of doom, all you need to do is place a piece of rod about 3/8 long into the turtle to allow the cable to engage the slot, and it will be long enough to engage the square in the speedo.
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    This Brattons cable comes with a little insert for that,,, see the pic
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      Yes, they do when you get the full jacket repo cable assembly, but if you only get the inside cable, it don't come with the spacer.
      You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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        That spacer trick "fix" has been around a looooong time.
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      • DaWizard
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        Bill, yer so old, you fart dust!

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      I have the original Stewart Warner housing in my 29, has the script on each end. My old cable was twisted apart. So I bought a repro housing and cable from Snyder and it twisted off shortly after I installed it, the speedo was too tight and needed serviced. I thought it was ok but my fingers were slipping over the drive end I guess. So I took my old cable down to CW Moss and laid it on their counter. They had a cable in a bag that never matched anybodies until we compared with my old one, perfect match. I guess I got the last of the old stock. I remember the reproduction housing I got from Snyder had a washer on one end of the cable. I wondered to myself how long that would have lasted...


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        Is anyone making an inner cable that fits the originals out of the box? While I have 3 originals that look good inside and out, but know at some time I will need a new inner. Rod
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        • TOBKOB
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          I buy my speedometer chain at NAPA. You cut it to fit and put the upper end on.I recently bought a lot of A parts and there was 3 speedometer cables and 3 different length cables (housings).

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        Originally posted by Rowdy View Post
        Is anyone making an inner cable that fits the originals out of the box? While I have 3 originals that look good inside and out, but know at some time I will need a new inner. Rod
        I don't know about the repro inner, but if a good original is clean and lubricated, it should outlive most of us. Someone had my frame bracket on the bottom rail, instead of the top one, and this let the cable rest on the muffler and get hot. All is fine after I moved it.


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