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KR Wilson Generator Tester

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    KR Wilson Generator Tester

    I'm not a KR Wilson tool collector, mainly because I rarely come across one to buy, but here is a generator tester on display at the Model A museum in Gilmore. This would be a nice tool to own, but I built my own several years ago.


    That's nice
    Do you have a picture of yours?
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      Wow, don't see those every day. Been looking for one like that for a long time. I rigged up a fixture to mount in the vice and use a 1/2" drill to turn them. It is a PIA, but works. Need to build something much better to use in the future.

      Just curious, do they have the Gleaner combine engine display done and on display yet? I sent them a Twin Disk, engine mount, radiator and controls last year. I tried to ask one of them that were here on the VFF a few months ago and got no response. Not a big deal if it is not done, just curious. Rod
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        I donated it a couple years ago. We took a bus trip that stopped at the museum and then to The Henry Ford. Built a wooden crate but it was still heavy. Took 2 guys to lift it. Glad you guys like it. I found it in OKLAHOMA when an old machine shop was being liquidated. Bought it for scrap price but needed a lot of restoration. I only used it a couple times so decided MAFFI needed it more than me.


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          With my 1929 KRW cabinet, combination machine etc it would be right at home in my shop. When I was a kid we had the pressure washer as shown in the 1931 KRW book. Dad put it in with the scrap iron and hauled it off when we hit a rough stretch. Wish we had that one back. Rod

        Very nice and thank you for donating it to the Museum. I'm a KRW junkie and have one but mine is nice but not THAT nice. It could use restoration someday.
        I don't find as many tools as I use to.. at swap meets or even ebay..... I once found a V8 distributor fixture at a garage sale... the most complete one I have.

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