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  • Rebuilding Lesson Learned

    I have stated my story before on this site. My 1930 Roadster was purchased new by my grandfather. My dad pulled it into a field on his new property in VT in 1955. In 1966 I pulled it out of the field and started the rebuild then used it from 1968 to today.

    Well I entered into a large car show here in FL. On the judging, when they were done with my car I asked about what they thought. The answer was that it is a very nice car, but loses a great number of points for having replacement fenders. I told them they were the original and one of them just looked at me and said they are not and walked away. Fortunately one of the judges took me to a front fender and said "feel along here under the bead on the fender. An original fender would have a saw tooth feeling from the parting line of the forging die." I told him about being 14 years old and working almost a week to file and sand that all down to a smooth radius on the work bench. He laughed and said that, unfortunately, I could never get these accepted as original. He did give me credit for doing all of the body work with a lead alloy and no bondo in the car though.

    So I learned after all these years that this is probably not the only thing I did back then to improve the car, that takes away from the originality.

    Still love the car, and keep all the original parts that I can.

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    A lesson learned but it is just part of the history of that family car, something to laugh about. It is so neat that you have had the roadster and drove it for so long.


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      Great story. I like the fact that you are keeping the original parts even though they may cost points if judged. I restored my Shelby and I restored and used the original parts even though some are not perfect but very presentable. I made my choice and I will stick by it even though I lost a few points when I had it judged. By the way, you don't have to worry about fit with original parts like you do with repro parts.



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