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International Model A Ford Day in Alaska

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  • International Model A Ford Day in Alaska

    We had 11 cars in Anchorage and 5 in Fairbanks that showed up as a group for IMAFD Celebrations.

    The Anchorage group assembled at the Sears Mall for a brief 1 hour car show, followed by a tour of downtown. It was amazing to see all the cameras come out of nowhere to take our pictures as we drove down the streets. Then we headed out to Pt. Woronzof for a picture shoot, to City Diner for lunch, then out to Kincaid Park for more pictures, then to Tastee Freeze for ice cream.
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    Alaskan A's
    Antique Auto Mushers of Alaska
    Model A Ford Club of America
    Model A Restorers Club
    Antique Automobile Club of America
    Mullins Owners Club

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    GREAT day for you folks up there Carl, I am still waiting for our statistics. from what I heard it was 51 peeps with 12 Model As and some moderns.
    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


    • Mitch
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      Carl thanks for posting those great pics of your Model A day. A nice group of good looking cars

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    Great pictures Carl. Looks like a great group.


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      The picture with the yellow tree leaves in the background is the money shot picture, Thanks for posting!


      • CarlG
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        That is the Fairbanks group.

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      Alaskan A's trip to Kodiak Island
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      The Alaskan A's sponsored a trip to Kodiak Island last week. Three clubs participated - The Alaskan A's, The Antique Auto Mushers of Alaska, and The Vernon Nash Antique Car Club of Fairbanks. We had about 22 cars from all over the state (7 Model A's) and 42 people that participated. My vehicle logged 600 miles. Some were more, some were less, depending on where they started from. It was a fun filled...
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      Alaskan A's Seward Fall Colors Tour
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      Annual Fall Colors Tour to Seward. Meet at 9am Carrs Huffman.

      Photo shots on the way at Canyon Creek, Summit Lake, Tern Lake! Lunch at Christos in Seward. Shopping at quilt store, chocolate store and ice cream at Harbor Creamery, then return home....
      Seward, Alaska
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      This past week I went to tour with the central model a club of Iowa, what a wonderful bunch of people make you feel right at home We left Altoona Iowa(desmoines) on our way to Davenport Ia. On the way we visited the amana colonies and drove thru rural areas with fields of corn and beautiful farms. We then spent the next 3 nights in davenport on the mississippi river. There is so much to see there...
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      I will preface this by saying that we have the greatest Model Aers in the Diamond Tread chapter of MAFCA!

      One of our working members was to have a weeks vacation so one of the others suggests we have an outing to commemorate the vacation. After 2 weeks of intense planning it was finalized and set for Mar 26th. We left from one of the clubs favorite starting spots, Der Weenerschnitzle...
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      International Model A Day today AND Tomorrow Lets see what you did??
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    • Bruce Adams
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      INTERNATIONAL MODEL 'A' FORD DAY is September 16, 2017 and is a great day for Model A enthusiasts around the world to take a drive alone or with friends. Photos which , hopefully, show unique geographic backgrounds can be sent to [email protected] for forwarding to the National Magazines. Embroidered, 3.5" Iron-On PATCHES are available for $3 apiece, twenty minimum, with ALL PROFITS going to...
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    • Curly
      Where is your clubs big tour this season?
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      Our Alaskan A’s just returned from a week long trip to Kodiak, Alaska. We had about 20 vintage cars half were Model A’s. The ferry ride was a nine hour ferry each way. The cars were enclosed in the belly of the ship the whole way.
      The folks in Kodiak were so appreciative and they really rolled out the red carpet for us. One member lost a main bearing on the way but his son had him another...
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      International Model A Ford Day
      by DaWizard
      Since a search of the site only yielded the Gilmore Model A Day, I would like to know what day this year is International Model A Ford Day?
      08-21-2018, 06:12 PM
    • Jeff/Illinois
      2017 GAMARAI
      by Jeff/Illinois
      Central Iowa Model A Ford Club's annual cruise in Iowa going on this week. Great Annual Model A Ride Around Iowa. Today they are in Davenport I see on their web site. Good weather going on now..... anybody on here that can see them or post a few pics?? Marshall are you out there!!?? I have to run to the Quad Cities Wed. I will try to hunt them down. They are also going to view Craig Beek's Model...
      09-19-2017, 02:45 PM
    • Mark Maron
      Gilmore Model A Day Pics #1
      by Mark Maron
      Here you go everyone, the day was INCREDIBLE and successful!!
      You do not have permission to view this gallery.
      This gallery has 34 photos.
      09-18-2017, 06:09 PM