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    What difference, if any, was there between the 4 cyl. Ford put in the AA Trucks and the 4 cyl. they put in the standard cars? Thanks, Smitty

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    Nothing at all same engine different transmission.
    1928 speedster
    1929 closed cab p/u
    1930 standard roadster
    1931 deluxe tudor sedan
    1967 ss/rs conv.camaro


    • Mitch
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      Are u buying a fire truck now?

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    Nope, a tractor. Going to look at it today. No title, guy says it runs & stops well. He's asking $2,800 for it. Shucks, the wolf whistle alone is worth $50. Updates later.
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      Other than the 9 3/4" clutch, nothing is different. The 1928's with the multiple disk clutch used a heavier spring in the clutch assembly. Rod
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        Actually, I believe the only difference was the passenger car engine had an 8# clutch, and the AA stamped engines had a 10# clutch. Also, that was not throughout production as they decided that they could both use the same clutch.
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          When Ford started production, the A clutch spring was a 420 pound spring and the AA clutch spring was a 455 pound spring. Starting with about engine number A-26268 (February 1928) the AA prefix on the engines were dropped due to the fact that all clutch springs were to be the same weight of 420 lbs thus ALL vehicles had the A prefix, car, light commercial and trucks. More than likely the use of the smaller 420 pound spring for AA truck use was just not suffecient enough for the heavier loads so in May 1928 Ford decided to go back to the 455 pound spring and continue those engines with the AA prefix. Not sure of the engine number for which that occured.


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            Some of the AA truck engines had a steel check ball in the rear main bearing cap drain tube.
            This kept the oil from running out that tube if the truck was raised up for dumping grain out of the box.


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              Thanks guys! I went and looked at it today. The pictures are a little deceiving. That thing is bigger than I thought it would be. Got it started and it seemed to idle ok. With a straight pipe it was rather loud. Turns out the guy just bought this in April of this year at an auction. He's had it on Craigslist for about 3 weeks. He told me I was the first one to come & actually look at it. It does intrigue me. Didn't drive it. He had to move a bunch of stuff to get it out. It is a 4 speed with the little lever on the shifter to put it in reverse. I may let him sit on if for awhile & give him a call back. He had some current receipts for clutch work. He told me he knew very little about the engine rebuild, but he thought it was done back in the 80's. We'll see.


              • Mitch
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                Smit what would you be using it for?

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              A guy in our club has a nice original unrestored 1929 with a hand crank dump box, and I couldn't believe that he actually keeps up with the cars when we go on tour.
              That poor engine must be running all out.


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                When I was a teenager, I took the engine, flywheel and clutch out of my AA and installed it in a Sedan. Used the bell housing and tranny from the sedan. I also used the AA radiator and shell on the sedan.
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                  AA TRUCK WITH RACE CAR
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                  This gallery has 4 photos.
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