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Gerard and Sons Restoration, Indiana

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  • Gerard and Sons Restoration, Indiana

    Does anyone happen to know the quality of work this shop does? Im considering a car that they recently restored but I have not heard of this shop.
    Thank you

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    Never heard of them either but as with any purchase check it out in person.
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      Curly I have heard very good things about them. It is 'Gerald and Sons Restorations' out of Nappanee, Indiana. I know that some of their cars turn up at Barrett-Jackson and they are pretty well restored cars!

      Check out their web-site the Roadster they showcase looks First-Class as do their other antique Fords. 'Specializing in Antique Fords'!!
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        I always "wonder"----"WHY they PUSH some cars through AUCTIONS"??? (HMMM!)
        Dad Suspicious

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      i think it has to do with not wanting the exhaust fumes inside the building/tent. Could be to keep the sound out too.


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