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Two Ford assembly plants...

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  • Two Ford assembly plants...

    If you had your pick of just two Ford assembly plants between Kansas City and/or San Francisco...which one would it be? Both, neither, or one over the other?



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    Neither for me, I'm not sure where cars in this area (SW Virginia) came from. Rail lines went right to Norfolk but never heard how things worked back then.


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      Steve, I am wondering why you picked out those two in particular?

      Since owning an A, I have seen the Portland assembly plant (modern-day) and walked through the building as it is now an eclectic bunch of shops and businesses, but the building is pretty large, and it was only an assembly plant at that. Actually having grown up in Portland, I drove by that building countless times over the years not knowing its significance, other than it has the name "Ford" prominently in the name.

      I know where the Seattle building is because thanks to your book, I recognized it from when I lived there several years ago. So, since those are the only two Ford assembly plant buildings I have ever seen in person, I would choose those.

      <Edit> Now I get the connection between Kansas City and San Francisco! Duh. No favorite in that regard.
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        Hahh.....Bill G....You are a very smart Model A'er!!



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          Neither of those. I'd go for the one in Geelong, just down the road from us.


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