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Anyone near Marietta, OH?

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  • Anyone near Marietta, OH?

    If you are - ever heard of a place called Marietta Ignition? I've heard they do engine work, including pouring babbitt, etc., for the Model T and A cars. Any info is appreciated.

    Brian W.

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    I am in southwest OH and we have Ron's Machine Shop down the street. Shandon, OH. Google them, most of what they do is antique engine related. I haven't heard of Marietta Ignition.


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      Interesting article reviewing a particular Model A Shop. Thought it was worth a read. Just spreading for general knowledge in the hobby.
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      1. Keep engine cleaner.
      2. Engine cooling, although I haven’t heard any conclusive evidence this is factual.
      3. Electrical ground, but this is not an issue for me.

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      thanks - Jim
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