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  • Ok I'm stupid...

    I try to start Rusty once a week to exercise him until he's complete. Well it has been about 3 weeks so I go to start him....engine cranks and cranks until battery is dead. I was scratching my head...gas was off...charged battery for a hour, turned on gas and cranked right up. LOL It's that damn new battery cutoff switch I installed that got me out of my normal routine. Rather that than a house fire.

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    We all have been there many times, but maybe not cranking it dead
    3 ~ Tudor's
    Henry Ford said
    "It's all nuts and bolts"

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      So why did it crank if you had the battery cutoff switch turned off? Sounds like you are only cutting power to the key switch.


      • Beauford
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        Dennis, I never turned the fuel on. I cut battery on, ignition, spark and throttle a turned over for a brief minute from gas in carb bowl then stopped. I kept cranking and fuel no go!! LOL

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      a properly set up A, which yours obv. is, will usually fire up in just a couple of revolutions. If not, drop back and think about what is going on.
      None of us have ever left the key off when trying to start!!!!! LOL LOL


      • Beauford
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        I've done the key off as well...I guess just use to modern daily habits.

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      Beauford, you are not stupid, just Model A challenged. Once you get in the habit of driving it around daily, it will all become second nature.
      You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


      • Mitch
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        Beauford maybe you should turn him into a she!!! :rolling

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      I'm STUPID too, so what do you think makes YOU so SPECIAL?
      Bull W. (OH SHIT, I "thought" thet wuz a GOAT???):rolling


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        Originally posted by BILL WILLIAMSON View Post
        I'm STUPID too, so what do you think makes YOU so SPECIAL?
        Bull W. (OH SHIT, I "thought" thet wuz a GOAT???):rolling
        Bill's got the hang of it. Pretty soon he'll be slinging with the best of us....well, me at least.

        I wonder, could I change the 'bullshit' in my signature and use instead????
        "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"


        • Mitch
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          That's not allowed it would be considered DRAMA .

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        Love it guys!!! I haven't see that much [email protected]%t since I left the wastewater plant. LOL


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          B.S. is VALUABLE as a FERTILIZER & dried, it becomes a SUPER BRIQUETTE!
          In West Texas, we used them in our WOOD Stoves!--Firewood was SCARCE!
          Dad Warm


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            I gapped my plugs yesterday and put on a distributor cap plug with spark plug wires and boots not gonna torque that head around those little metal strips, anyway old stupid here does not pay attention to how he routed the plug wires, NOW WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG, AND WON'T START. Oh I know stupid struck again.


            • Beauford
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              Fun isn't it!! LOL

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            Compression, fuel, spark, should equal ignition... I would first see if your key switch is OK, you're more than likely not getting spark since gravity feed fuel typically works without issue as compared to electrical circuit.
            And you're not stupid! That would be doing something purposely knowing the outcome would not be beneficial --e.g. chooses to continue drive your car as steam escapes from the radiator --that is STUPID.

            Lack of knowledge or experience is not stupidity.

            Good Day!
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