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Heat abatement in your Model a

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  • Heat abatement in your Model a

    I tried a little experiment in my model a my old muffler was a tinny cheap thing so i bought a new aries muffler. I wrapped this muffler with the header wrap which you can buy at auto parts stores. I wrapped the whole muffler starting just below where the muffler clamps to the manifold and went down all the way to the muffler itself and did not wrap the bell part but started wrapping again at the front and wrapped the whole muffler. They make stainless ties to hold all of this together. Out of curiosity I then place plastic zip ties around this in various places just to see how much difference this made. The first zip tie just below the manifold clamp did melt but stayed in place 3" below that it did not melt at all mind you i double wrapped this area. These zip ties were as good as when I put them on. My thinking here is two fold First I wanted to stop the heat around the carburetor and possible vapor locking but most of all i wanted to stop the heat under the floor board. I drove this car yesterday 20 miles and am quite happy with the result. I really did not like those shields they sell looks like a rattler to me. I am also told that wrapping these also helps draw on the exhaust from my buddies running sprint cars and trust me it gets hot down there in one of them. If you drive your car this seems to work pretty good show cars like Mitch"s would lose points. Just thought I would throw this out there I am no expert just an idea I had and it seems to work.

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    The wrap will likely shorten the life of the muffler.
    Eastern Connecticut


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      Of all the information posted through out the years for heat infiltration this plan is one that i don't remember reading being done on an A. It seems like a sound plan and should make a huge difference IMO. Can you post a few pics of the completed job? It may promote rot as i mentioned on your last thread about this
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      I will get some pictures later today and post them I tried to comment and what i type just keeps crawling down the page had to hit cancel and just post this just happened a couple times.


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        I am not quite as concerned about muffler corrosion. Headers seem to do just fine with it. I believe they make an all SS type of zip tie that could be used.
        I have a section of my tailpipe on the touring wrapped to better shield the speedo cable from the Mitchell.
        It would help with hot gas extraction


        • BNCHIEF
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          They do make a ss tie for them and i used them i only used the plastic ties to see how well the wrap did wit heat

        • Mitch
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          I have read if you wrap your headers with it that voids the warranty for corrosion

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        That i did not read will have to go to aries site and look at that or maybe give them a call and see what they say. Thanks Mitch.


        • Mitch
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          I didn't read it from Aries and do not know what their policy would be. I saw it on other general racing header sites

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        Ok may have to rethink this seemed like a great idea at the the time but at least i do not have dex-cool in anything.


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          Originally posted by BNCHIEF View Post
          I will get some pictures later today and post them
          Fascinating experiment. Do most auto shops carry that stuff?


          • BNCHIEF
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            Napa and places like that,

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