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Dallas club Yellowstone tour youtube video

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  • Dallas club Yellowstone tour youtube video

    For those interested

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    nice video thanks for sharing it.. So the million dollar question what frame number are you shown on it?
    3~ Tudor's & 1~ Coupe
    Henry Ford said,
    "It's all nuts and bolts"
    "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

    Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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      well we cheated and flew there and rented moderns, with 3 other couples. can't do the long distances like I used to (1200 miles, 3 days).
      If my wife and I are in there anywhere I did not see us
      BUT we went and enjoyed it
      We did drive a Ford, however. I asked the rental guy what he had for us, he said a Kia. I choked and said, excuse me we are Texans and we only drive Suburbans or pickups. His face brightened and said he had just what we needed, that no one else wanted, and slid us behind the wheel of a brand new F150.
      It was a nice truck but I could not figure out how to disable the stop-start 'feature' which was clearly not one of Ford's 'better ideas'. But it could hit 100 so I could get past the RVs on the highways to Glacier where we went last, which was an all-day trip to get there. A Montana state trooper pinched me for 83 in a 70 and I had to shell out 70 bucks cash on the spot. They call it a 'bond'. It was worth it tho, she was a hot blonde maybe 30
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      • BNCHIEF
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        She should have said son your not in Texas right now. But then maybe she should have called you honey son wouldn't work for a 30 year old blond.

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      It's on my bucket list.
      (Yellowstone, not the hot 30 year old blond)
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      • BNCHIEF
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        I do not remember much about 30.

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      T-bird great video. I will have to work on joining you sometime or maybe plan a litle tour for you all up here in kansas even.


      • tbirdtbird
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        The door is open and waiting for y'all. Great Bend looks to be 8 hrs north, if you count in construction. Whatcha got in mind for a tour??
        Isn't Big Brutus up there somewhere? 90 yard shovel is impressive.....

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      Yes it is in central kansas we can go to fort larned one day, we could go to abilene another day visit Ikes presidential library along with many other things too see as well, underground at ellinwood, quivira museum in lyons space center,cosmosphere in Hutch. We could hub tour this out of great bend kansas. Big Brutus is in southeast kansas but i have been there as well. Talking around 150-200 miles per day. All back country roadsBlacktop) little traffic to contend with. 8 is on the money getting out of dallas would be the worst.


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        That looks like a great trip, Dave. Thanks for posting. I know what you mean about long trips. I'm leading an overnighter next week, 15 cars, only about 100 miles one way each day, with several rest stops, which most everyone requests or requires now. 200 miles a day is just about my personal limit, though some of the "younger" members (50s and 60s) still do 300+ per day. I don't go on those tours. I'd still do a 1000+ mile drive, I would just take it 150 miles per day.
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        • Mitch
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          Ray have fun, be safe and bring us some pics!

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