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    Did some riding the past few days thanks to glorious run of weather. Now I find this morning that I am "making oil"!! I was 1/2 way between the F and L mark when I headed out yesterday, topped off water in radiator (most of which flow back out under expansion), when I parked for about 20 minutes at one stop noticed more than usual amount of oil under car when I pulled out (about 2 inch across round puddle, vs usually a couple of drops), when i got home, parked and waited a while and checked my garage drip pan I found puddle of oil about 2-3 inches across (in reality probably an ounce or so), but upon checking oil it is right at F!! Dripping is at rear of engine and some out of flywheel cover. No indication of water in oil, none on stick, no foaming or streaking, just good clean oil on stick. I am, of course, suspicious of head gasket, but no noticeable of loss of power, no rough idle. Guess I'll drain, inspect oil and refill and see what is up.

    Any suggestions welcome. Not sure age of head gasket, should it be changed periodically on here? Little bit worried here.
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    Rear main leak area fairly common to drip but not large puddle. Some dip sticks full marks are not correct. The 2nd check is to pull oil pan and see if rear main drain tube has become plugged or fallen off cap, 3rd check is to check bearing clearances, etc.
    Forgot to include that water in oil may indicate head gasket issue or head needing re torquing, which you evidently don't have.
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      A half dozen 3 inch puddles is not going to make a noticeable difference on the dipstick.A drop of oil makes a puddle the size of a quarter after it sits for a few minutes.Oil does not contact the head gasket anywhere except where the distributer shaft sticks down through,and not a likely place to give a problem.You have a leak,but not anywhere as bad as you are thinking.


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        Some leak diag info
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          Loosen the oil drain plug to see if water seeps out around the threads. Hopefully none will.
          In you post you said that you topped of the water and most of it would "flow back out". Resist the urge to top off the coolant. Leave it be and it will settle in after a few drives. As long as it covers the tubes in your radiator you will be fine. No need to be adding coolant all the time.
          However if you have a head gasket leaking the gasses could be pushing into the coolant forcing it out.


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            Possibly the dip stick was not fully seated when you first took a level check?



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              Leave it alone but check once in awhile. If you park your car in your garage make sure you have oil sorb.


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                Could it be that your increased oil level be caused by fuel getting into the sump some way. Possibly past the rings.
                This not uncommon in diesel engines.
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