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Seat belts in rumble seat

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  • Seat belts in rumble seat

    I am searching for information on installing lap belts in the rumble seat of my A. I see many threads and articles about belts for the front seat which I am planning for my next project, but see no info on lap belts for rumble seat, where everyone want to ride. Anyone done this. Also looking for method for padding the area behind the front seat for those rear passengers.


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    This seatbelt technical thread may not address your particular application, but it should give you some good ideas and anchor pointers
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      I’m not sure I’d want to ride in a rumble seat at any speeds where a seat belt would be a good idea...


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        Agreed, cpf240, but I don't drive anywhere that I need to go over 25-30MPH, but would like something that would keep people in the car in the event of a side strike or some other unexpected event. As mentioned in many articles, in any circumstance you are best as long as something keeps you in the vehicle.

        Curious as a percent of owners how many people have seat belts in their classic car. Observations of local meets in my area, almost no one has any type of belts.


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          I have 2 modified roadsters with retractable lap/sash belts in the rumble with positively locking lids.

          I purposely built my own hinges and locking mechanism and top belt anchor point on lid, so no good showing you how I did it . as no original Model A parts were used.

          I thought it was a hoot to get them legally registered as a modified 4 seater.


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            So some thoughts.

            You need something to keep bodies in the car. The problem is the rumble is just not a good place to do belts so you have to do your best.

            I have installed some belt brackets in my cabriolet for the rumble.
            I use a heavy 1" square tube with of 1/8" steel that comes up through the seat pan in the middle behind the seat springs. For mine the ends have tabs that fit under the tail of the wood sills. For the sides I have bolts through the side supports for the rumble hinge.

            I believe you need to lock the lid open. I believe that the lid trying to close would be a problem. My thought was a strap from below or even a 5 point type harness that just looped around the lap belts. I would like to see the latches some have built.

            Something should be better then nothing.


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              Not really a problem for me, because as soon as my daughter saw the rumble seat, she forbad me from taking the grandkids for a ride in it. Not even if I wrapped them in bubble wrap. Lol. Jim.


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