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Open Car Windshield Questions

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  • Open Car Windshield Questions

    Are there any good links or resources for info on how to adjust and assemble the windshield assembles on a open car? I am taking off the spotlights on the roadster and one stanchion I am having issues with. Mounting holes are too large for the countersink bolts.
    Both lower stanchions don't seem to line up and pull in when tightened. This binds on the windshield. I have the upper gaskets in place. Seems like I need to space the upper gaskets a little more to spread the stanchions a bit and straighten them up?

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    Hopefully someone has some ideas here to help you out!
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      I think I have it figured out. I loosened the upper bolt and tightened the lower bolt which pulled the stanchion back to parallel with the windshield. The rubber spacer/gasket is only between the top and I think I was squeezing it a little too hard.
      The problem with the holes too large is beyond me on the driver side, but I have a solution. I bit the bullet and ordered a new pair of stanchions. I will have the left one painted and pinstriped to match and just swap it out. I am slowly gathering parts for my next project car I think! Isnt that the way it works?


      • DaWizard
        DaWizard commented
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        THAT is exactly how it works.

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