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  • Horn Testing

    How can I test a original 6v horn out of the car? Also, my new horn rod extends a inch out of the steering box is that correct?

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    Get some sleep ,,lol
    you posted this in the A /AA website area. I moved it for you.
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      Oh...sorry thanks. Got one more hour left. Another 16 hours in the books....Don't ever treat water for a living. Shift work will kill you and make you put posts in different places.


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        Just remove the cover and connect the two terminals to a 6 volt battery.
        A battery charger of 6 amps or larger might work, but will not sound the same as when connected to a battery.


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          The horn rod needs to engage the light switch so 1" may be in the ball park.
          Make sure the horn rod spins free independent of the steering wheel when it is all the way in. The repros need the shaft sanded under the top or they stick badly. This will cause your lights to go on when the steering wheel is turned. Also make sure that the little bushing is in place at the top of the collumn
          4~ Tudor's
          1~ Coupe

          Henry Ford said,
          "It's all nuts and bolts"

          Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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