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    No big deal, but when I came on VFF I was asked to add a picture of the car. The avatar I just posted is what it looks like today.. after adding all the wood, doors , B pillar all to bring it to this state. I am still looking for help to get the top on her ( I got the top kit before LB closed up).
    When that is done, I will post a picture of it again.

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    The car looks great Jack!
    Twiss Collector Car Parts


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      Thanks JDupuis, It's been fun getting it to this point..but the top is becoming an issue. The ONE guy in our club who would help has moved to Arizona, I would pay to bring him back to help ... but his wife is not well. anyway, thanks!!


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        Jackc maybe put an ad in the mafca or marc page maybe someone who is experienced could help you.


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          BNCHIEF, great idea! Thanks


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            Marco? The best.
            Good enough.. Isn't.


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              I PM'd Marco a week or two ago, but he did not answer. Back to my search. Thanks for the suggestion Larry.


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                Originally posted by Jackc View Post
                I PM'd Marco a week or two ago, but he did not answer. Back to my search. Thanks for the suggestion Larry.
                Once in a while a good email might wind up in the junk email file, then accidentally get deleted if it isn't noticed.
                At least it has happened to me, so now I carefully check all the junk emails before I click on DELETE.


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