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Tom W engine flushing method.

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  • Tom W engine flushing method.

    I cleaned my block and radiator with evaporust for 9 days i let it soak did not get a lot out of it but now i know the block is good and clean as well as the new brassworks radiator. I used a sump pump and bought a sump pump hose 15.00 from the hardware store hose was 16' long and made to be cut in 4 sections i cut it in half and made up fitting for the engine and radiator. Just used a hose to fill radiator but it clean right up. I will fill the system with distilled water for a good flush before adding good clean anti-freeze mix. I did flush this block in both directions to try and make sure i got everything.
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    I photo shopped it a little for you
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    "It's all nuts and bolts"

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    I recently did a chemical flush (Blue Devil chemical) of my radiator - drained and flushed, then added 50/50 Sierra antifreeze. This past year I used distilled water with water wetter. When I did the chem flush a lot of rusty water came out but no rust chunks. Continued flushing with water until it came out clean, then added the 50/50 antifreeze. Yesterday, not an overly warm day for SoCal, the...
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    The radiator removal was pretty straight forward. Never taken it off before and it ended up being around an hour and a half total....
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    How long and then you drain and flush it out and put back in the 50/50 antifreeze mix.
    What about water wetter
    What can you add that will keep rust ...
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    Does anyone know if there is a flexible radiator hose from an autozone or o'reillys that would fit the upper radiator hose of a 30 Model A? I have tried looking all online but their websites are not user friendly when looking for something specific that isn't intended for other applications.

    Looking for a flexible hose because the one on my car developed a large crack and it's a b*tch...
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    One method to clean a water jacket

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