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    Anybody tried the gun bluing? I have a shot gun that I got blued 50 years ago, dad gave it to me if I promised to fix it up. So I had a guy in town hot blue it for me while I refinished the stock. I don't know what's involved but I got a pail full of bolts I want to get done but not all at the same time. Do they sell that stuff at the gun shops? I hope they don't ban that out here in CA!

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    I used G-96 to blue my rusty Targetmaster rifle. After sanding the rust off, I warmed the barrel with my heat gun, then applied the blueing. I let it dry, then wiped it down with ATF. It came out great, and hasn't picked up any rust. I found the G-96 on ebay.


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      Liquid or creme? I'm thinking the liquid might work better. And I noticed Amazon is a couple bucks less.


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        Dennis, have you read about japan black by Jim Mason? It might be hard to put on, but would last !


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          Yes I did a couple nights ago I read about it for the fifth or sixth time. I absorb a little more each time I read about something. LOL Japan black seems like a mess to make. This is just for bolts and nuts whatever to make close to a raven black. The G-96 Tom mentioned is cheap enough to experiment with. And easier to touch up if needed. So I'm going to give it a try first.

          I remember one of the ingredients of japan black is what they mined back in the day, 1888 to 1939, and it was railed out with a 3 ft narrow gauge railroad named Uintah Railway that used 2 articulated locomotives that had the water tanks mounted on each side of the boiler and could pull a lot of train cars on a steep and tight radius track. The mine was in the northeastern part of Utah just across the border from Colorado. Gilsonite, also known as asphaltum was named after Samuel Henry Gilson who began using it as varnish and electrical insulation. I know they loaded it on flat cars bagged up. I'm a train geek too, so I remember about it. If memory serves me right, Henry used a lot of it. Google it, wikipedia can tell you more about it. Very little evidence remains of the mine.


          • tbirdtbird
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            were those locos Shays by any chance

          • Dennis
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            In the beginning they used Shays but the articulated were able to move faster. The Shay worked good but the articulated locomotives had all of the weight from the water tanks from the front to rear.

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          I used the liquid. I think it was about a 4 ounce bottle for about $6.


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            Looks interesting


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