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Generator regulator question ?

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  • Generator regulator question ?

    I have a new regulator that has the cover off of it. It can go two ways. Does it make a difference ? It is the point style. Looks like there is to tab to to connect to the post coming out of the top of generator. Thanks in advance !!

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    So you have a cut out not a regulator? Look at this thread in the tech section.. It does matter which way it goes
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      It is the type with the points in it. That is the first type ?? It was not spot welded or looks like it was ever spot welded Thank you
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        The mounting feet are slightly off center, so it should only fit correctly one way, that is the cutout slides under the screws and toward the generator output post.
        If you have the post Model A cutout with closed mounting feet, the same thing applies except you need to completely remove the two mounting screws.

        You might need to polarize the generator by jumping across the 2 cutout terminals for 1 second after everything is mounted and wired up.


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          fred g
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          Ideas on possible causes very welcome.This one has me stumped off the top of my head.
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