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28 Fordor Leatherback gas tank installation problem

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  • 28 Fordor Leatherback gas tank installation problem

    I am attempting to install a replacement gas tnk in my Oct 28 Fordor Leatherback. I have the tank bolted to the cowl but am unable to fit the firewall piece that holds the sediment bulb and terminal box in place. The opening is about 1/4 inch too small. Does anyone have a suggestion to resolve this problem. I This panel was difficult to remove when I was trying to get the old tank out. I'm afrais I may just have to get the original rusty tank serviced. By the way, the replacement tank was definitely a 28/29 variety but I had to drill the holes in the tank lip in order to secure it to the cowl. The Forder has the concealed tank.

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    yeah I just took mine out thinking it would fit a '28 PU. Nope! that center firewall piece was really tight to get out. I used a rubber mallet. You may have to wedge a little at a time and use a rubber mallet to knock it in.


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      I worked on getting the the firewall piece in today without success. The tank I bought was not for a concealed tank car but I thought it would work if the cowl holes were drilled. I probably should have just accepted that the new tank will not fit. I ended up bending the lower firewall and the piece still did not go in. I guess I will see about getting the old tank cleaned out and sealed. Does anyone have any suggestion where to get the old tank done in the Philalelphia area? There is a Gas Tank Renu location in New Brunswick, NJ. Anyone have knowlege of the? I know that Bret in TN does great work but the shippng will probably cost a bunch. No Memorial Day Parade for me


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        Mitch is knowledgeable about Philly and might chime in


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          I used gas tank renew several times when they were in Aston PA. Unfortunately the owner was killed in a motor cycle accident. The cost to do a Model A tank was $1,000.00 and you had to have the tank repainted.
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            cant help you with anyone local. maybe try bill's model A acres to see if he might have a good tank
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              Thanks Mitch nd Mike and everyone else. I think I may have good news. After much prying and thumping I think the tank is finally in place. If this wasn't just a driver I would be in big trouble. Now I can start puting all the other pieces back in. Hopefully I didn't crack a tank seam while trying to stuff the replacement tank in. I'll post the results when I know the outcome.


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                i would love pix of what the issues were.
                I am not familiar much at all with '28-'29, except for drive train


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                  My 1931 parts book shows one tank to fit all 1928-9, so I'm surprised there was a problem, though I've never done a Fordor Sedan.


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                    Originally posted by Tom Wesenberg View Post
                    My 1931 parts book shows one tank to fit all 1928-9, so I'm surprised there was a problem, though I've never done a Fordor Sedan.
                    That's what I thought Tom as I am going to purchase a '28 roadster PU body but need a tank. I have a '28 tank from my Briggs....nope wont work. Of course the Briggs is a concealed tank without top cowl around fill neck. Brookville said all '28-29 tanks will fit except Briggs and Murray.


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