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  • What do I scrap?

    My Tudor came with three engine blocks with pistons, rods, heads and one cam. I'm thinking that all of it is probably worth saving except the pistons. Should they be saved, too? How about the wrist pins, if I get rid of the pistons?

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    Most of the things that I thought were “scrap” have been reused and/or repurposed either by me or someone else in our club.

    If you have the room for it, keep it.
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      Originally posted by CarlG View Post
      Most of the things that I thought were “scrap” have been reused and/or repurposed either by me or someone else in our club.

      If you have the room for it, keep it.
      You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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        It depends on the condition. If they’re center lock pistons and pins, probably junk. They may even have ring spacers. The cam needs to be checked by someone who knows. Easy for you to check the wear on the spiral gear in the center. Heads also need to check/magnafluxed for cracks. As a rule stock heads aren’t worth much. If you belong to a club, you can probably borrow a magnaflux machine. Check the blocks for obvious cracks ect. Borrow a pressure tester to verify the water jackets are not leaking.


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          I keep almost everything.
          Even what is truly junk is good for yard art, or use it to make a hard luck trophy for the person that breaks down while on tour.


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            Anything can be repurposed. I keep everything and when I have free time, I love combing junkyards and metal salvagers. You just wouldnt believe the stuff Ive picked up over the years. And dont forget the flea markets.

            Piston’s? I checked in on my 81 year old car guru friend this past weekend and he had a scarce early AA block cleaned up on a stand. He showed me a box of grimey used pistons he’d gone through and had pulled out the ones he was going to use. I made the mistake of commenting to my hero regarding their “condition” and got my yaboot chewed off! “You’d be so lucky to have a set of pistons like these here!” he said. A half-***** mechanic can make anything work and run! It was good to visit and see my buddy was still in top form. I’m pretty sure I saw him make one of his classic wry grins when he thought I wasnt looking.

            He built a motor for me last year that I’m running now that’s unlike any motor I have ever run. It rumbles, it purrs, and sometimes I’m not sure its even running until I mash the throttle to the floor and Im forced back in the seat. He told me its a 28 block with some grimey old pistons and rods he had, I do remember the rusty old crank that had been outside for years used as a door stop and one of several cams he kept in a box on the floor! It’s hands down the best engine Ive ever had and I will treasure it the rest of my life! It’s referred to by me as “the Beast!”

            Say, “can we get another round over here?”


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