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Emergency Brake Rear arm return spring

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  • Emergency Brake Rear arm return spring

    Anybody got a vidio on the return spring on the emergency brake arm .

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    No video but here is a series of technical posts.
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      Thanks very helpful


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        This little tool I bought from HF has been a great help in that pesky little spring.
        brake spring tool.jpg
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          I got mine on with a little work Thanks


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            Have removed the rear brake shoes from the rear brake system BUT left the emergency brake carrier plate intact.

            Now I want to install the rear brake shoes (with new pads) and find that it is going to be a not so fun job.

            Is there any special tools or tricks that one should know about to accomplish this task?

            It probably would be better to remove the emergency...
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            Looking from behind the vehicle does the clevis connection end of the arm face outward or inward? If inward then the connecting rod will have to be bent to connec OR the arm is on backwards.
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            While going through the parts book trying to identify some brake rods I noticed Ford changed the name three times.
            A-2853-AR Rod, emergency brake lever to cross shaft 1928-29.
            A-2856-D Rod, emergency hand brake lever to cross shaft 1930-31.
            A-2853-E Rod, hand brake lever to cross shaft assembly 1931.

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          • Tom Wesenberg
            Pay Attention to Details
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            This is what happens when you don't pay attention to details. Someone used a thin E clip, rather than the correct thicker U clip to secure the parking brake lever to the brake shoe. They also left out the wavy washer between the two parts, and this left the parking brake lever loose enough so the cable spring pushed it outward, where it rode against the brake drum. One wear spot is where the cable...
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