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    Is there any original Ford spec for track width, the distance between the center of the left and right tires?
    Is it identical front/rear or is there a slight difference?
    Camber on the front spindles will change the tire contact center from the wheel center.

    I could measure one of my A's and do some math to compensate for camber, but I'm looking for an exact Ford spec.
    Any changes in rim width and bolt flange offset will figure into this, so were VE 27/28's the same spec as 28/29's? 30/31's?

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    The first place I would look is in the restoration book the Ford Archives put out back in the 50's.
    If I come across my book I'll see if they have those specs.


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      Tom, Thanks. That book says 56" but there is no actual reference to Ford prints or data. Measuring several A's gives 55 3/4 to 56 1/2. Next trip to Dearborn I'll spend some time at Benson. Perhaps there's a front and rear axle assembly print that may verify 56".


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      Just to add a bit of clarity here, I seek exact specs as reference points for rebuilds of multiple front and rear axle assemblies. This might also be useful when building up a bare chassis and checking measurements. Guys will spend days correcting a 1/8" out-of -square frame, but nobody ever seems to check how that frame aligns with the wheelbase and track when the rolling chassis is built up. Maybe I just think too much. Time for more caffeine. :


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        Did one of the replies here get deleted? I thought there was a reply about how the track width got determined. I read this years ago when I was wondering about how the odd width of railroad tracks was determined to be 4 feet 8 1/2". It dates back to the Roman chariots, and the width of a horses ass. Here's a link to a brief description of track width.


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          Someone correct me if I am wrong, but since the axles are directly under the springs which are directly under the spring perches, if you had an empty frame couldn't you just measure hole to hole of the square bolt head holes and determine the correct wheelbase?
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            DaWizard, The question is not about wheelbase. It is about track width.


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