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Gas tank flame arrestor

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  • Gas tank flame arrestor

    Tell me guys how many people use the flame arrestor (tank filler screen) ? I've asked about it at our club meetings and out of 25 people may be 5 people use them, and about 10 didn't know what they were. I always have one in my tank. So what's your opinion? With modern gas pumps I think we are safe with static electricity.

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    I have mine on my car, UNDER THE SEAT! It is such a pain with the pumps and how it splashes. May not be as safe but I have not used it in decades.


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      Never used one myself. But I think static electricity fires still happen. A quick search on YouTube shows how: Just walk up to a running pump and zap it like you do your wife on the sofa. Same reaction!

      This important video has been out for some time, now, but is very important. STATIC ELECTRICITY IS A SERIOUS FIRE DANGER for drivers fueling their cars at s...
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        I would never have an A without the flame arrestor in place. Modern gas pumps do not solve the differential ground potential problem.

        No one that I know has ever been thrown through a windshield or out the side door during a crash but that would not justify my not wearing a seat belt, either. Your propensity and desire for risk may vary.
        Mechanical engineering 101: If you put an adjustment knob, screw, bolt, or tolerance specs on something, some people will immediately fiddle with it. If you mark it DO NOT TOUCH everyone will mess with it.


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          I use mine.
          It should also help to keep the gas from sloshing against the cap.
          This will help with some repro caps that have a vent hole in the center of the cap.
          Or, did someone just drill that?
          Either way, a hole through the center of the cap isn't a good idea.


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            modern cars don't use them......


            • Big hammer
              Big hammer commented
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              I have seen videos of modern's on fire

            • mot
              mot commented
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              some modern cars DO have a flash arrestor installed
              mine has a flap that seals the tank ,
              when you push the nozzle in the flap opens

              I have seen two model As burn up completely
              they both had full tanks of gas and the gas tank did not explode or catch fire

              back in the olden days ,the gas pumps had larger nozzles and far les pressure
              the new ones with the small orifice and high pressure are a real pain

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            I too got tired of fuel splashing around. Static tricity can be a problem. If you're worried about it I suppose you touch the nozzle to the bumper, cowl light, windshield frame,etc before fueling.
            I've never seen or remember hearing of such fire with a vehicle, but, have seen it with aviation. Once is enough for a life time. If you're a flier don't forget the ground clamp.


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              I use mine.


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                Well the vote is in. I guess I'll still use mine. I try to be safe so I can drive my A again another day


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                  Originally posted by Purdy

                  I agree ,It is a real pain at the pumps . I got rid of most of mine and never plan to use one .
                  same here
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                    in the service bulletins index under cowl tank, it says "filler screen purpose page 311"

                    i looked on page 311 to see what they say the purpose of the screen is but i dont see it.. am i blind?:
                    3~ Tudor's & 1~ Coupe
                    Henry Ford said,
                    "It's all nuts and bolts"
                    "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

                    Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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                      The second paragraph under "Corrections" mentions the purpose is for fire prevention, and not as a strainer.


                      • Mitch
                        Mitch commented
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                        thanks Tom

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                      I use the one that came in my Tudor, and to ease the input of gas I purchased one of those stand-offs that stick in the neck. That sure helps greatly in this land of noxious fume abatement we call California.
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                        I drove a Model A for 40 years and never had .... or even knew about Model A spark arresters in Model A gas tanks.

                        I bought one 10 years ago and after 2 years it corroded, turned light grey, and all the tiny holes became partially plugged.

                        Thought about making an orange juice strainer with it until I heard that fresh orange fibers are healthy.


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                          Thanks! Never even thought about the taste ..... I'll definitely throw it away on my next garage clean up.


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                            Originally posted by Purdy

                            I agree, its not a strainer . I have been told that a person could hold a lit match over the open gas tank filler opening and the spark arrester would prevent the gas fumes from igniting . I still wouldn't try it !!!
                            Ahhh, come on Purdy. I think some of us are curious about that. [ smiley face]


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                              About 50 years ago, I actually saw a guy half fill a (1) pound coffee can with gasoline, place it on the ground out in the open, strike a large kitchen match, throw the lit match in the can of gasoline, and watch the match get extinguished in the wet gasoline.

                              I was standing about 50 feet away ..... I would never ever recommend anyone trying this.


                              • Mike V. Florida
                                Mike V. Florida commented
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                                I've seen it done with Kerosene but never with gasoline.

                              • CarlG
                                CarlG commented
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                                I use to do that as a kid also. Sometimes just a soup can.

                                I will confess that I never did it "in my own back yard", but in an empty field across the street. (And never told Dad about it!)

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