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Homemade Tools Ammeter Cover Remover

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  • Homemade Tools Ammeter Cover Remover

    I had to fix a couple ammeters and both the original and repro had super tight covers on them, so I had to make a special tool to get them apart.

    Note the repro is aluminum and has no black paint on the brass inside the case. I spent more time fixing this one than it was worth. The face also uses white for the marking, while originals are silver.

    I got both the pointers centered, but hope they stay that way after the post office throws them around and drops heavy boxes on top of them on the return trip to the customer.

    I used my Sterrett 3" hole saw to cut two circles of 1/8" thick aluminum, then cut the 1 5/8" center hole out on my lathe. I then had to use my Dremel to grind away 5 notches for the 4 tabs and alignment bump in the case. The other plate I used a #20 bit to drill two holes 1" apart, then used a #7 bit and drilled two holes to tap for the 1/4 x 20 eye bolts.

    This works much better than a screwdriver and hammer. Since the two studs are slightly off center, the pressure tends to lift one side more than the other, so it's easy to spread the side with your fingers once the other side has spread a bit. It's important to remove the cover evenly so you don't warp or crack the cover. It's rare to find a good original cover without cracks in the brass rim.

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    Ain't you clever! Part houses will be calling you soon!


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      Now we need a Tom's special tool forum ;)

      nice job on the tool
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        ya think?


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          Tom you should place a couple for sale I know I would love to have one!


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            Originally posted by Jm29henry View Post
            Tom you should place a couple for sale I know I would love to have one!
            If a person had a CNC machine, I wonder how long it would take to make some? Unfortunately I don't have any CNC nor even a vertical mill.


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              Here's another ammeter tool I made years ago to tighten the special slotted nuts used on original ammeters.

              These pictures show a couple wrenches I made to work on the special ammeter nuts. The first one I made has the round aluminum handle, but since that was the only handle I had I started making a new design, which is actually better because it's flat and fits in the tool pouch or tool box better.

              It takes a lathe and a mill (or, in my case a milling attachment for the lathe) to make this tool. I'm not a production shop, so for me to set up and make the tool takes an hour or so.

              The last picture shows all the parts to the ammeter. The terminals must be clean and tight to the buss bar inside the guage. Some people also solder the heads of the two studs to the buss bar for positive contact. Also pay attention to which way the ring magnet comes out and be sure to install it the same way, or the guage will read backwards. A bent needle is easily straightened, but go easy on it, as it's very thin metal, not much thicker than heavy aluminum foil.

              I like to put a drop of heavy gear oil on each of the two pivot points, as it dampens the movment a bit.

              Notice that on an original ammeter anything you can see through the window is flat black, but on repro's it's usually just shiny brass.

              I used a 3/8" x 3 1/2" bolt to make the tool. After cutting the threads off I drilled a #22 hole about 3/4" deep for the stud to fit into. I then milled away the sides, leaving a .065" width, by using a milling vice attachment on my lathe. The slot in the brass nuts is cut with a round saw, so I rounded the end of my tool to better fit the nut slots.


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                Seems I saw this stuff, somewhere ELSE????
                "Maybe" the work of the GHOST????
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                Tom, I think you would be better served if you know someone who had, or you had a laser/water cutter. One sheet of aluminum could turn out couple hundred of those in a heartbeat.
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                  over the years you posted many specialized tools that you have made. if you get bored feel free to start a home made tool thread in the tech forum. you can keep adding to the same thread as you go... i think that would be pretty cool and informative
                  3 ~ Tudor's
                  Henry Ford said
                  "It's all nuts and bolts"

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                    It would be a nice thing to see. Good work Tom and thanks for sharing.


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                      Originally posted by Mitch View Post
                      over the years you posted many specialized tools that you have made. if you get bored feel free to start a home made tool thread in the tech forum. you can keep adding to the same thread as you go... i think that would be pretty cool and informative
                      Yes, if I ever get caught up and have some spare time, I'll have to work on that.


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