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  • Need starter help.

    1931 with model B engine. starter has locked up in the flywheel. I cannot get it to release. Moved the vehicle forward and backward, wheels just slide. removed starter bolts, no help ? Any advice ?? thanks. [email protected]

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    Welcome to the VFF!

    Try wacking it out with a piece of wood and a hammer when its unbolted and or rock her in 3rd gear at the same time .. once you remove it see if the armature shaft is bent which could be the cause of it getting stuck to begin with. Also check to make sure the ring gear is fully seated on the flywheel
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      In some very severe cases people have had to actually disassemble the starter itself while still in the car.
      Rocking in 3rd will usually do it, tho.
      Maybe Tom W will see this and chime in


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        ckain16, WELCOME to VFF, glad to have you around!!

        I've always just placed the car in 3rd and rocked it back to dislodge the starter.
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          I've never had one fail to release when I put the car in third and rock it. Unbolting it would be the next thing to try, then rock it again. I'd hate to think you need to remove the end plate and case to turn the armature with a strap wrench. That would really be extreme, but I do recall someone saying they had to do that.


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            A model A starter has 3 mounting bolts, 2 are easy to see, the one on the block side is hidden, your sure all your bolts are out? I tried rocking the car and that didn't help me, removed the bolts and pushed the starter motor towards the block.


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              In DIFFICULT cases, remove starter bolts & WHAM the top of the starter with a 4 X 4 & a BIG HAMMER.
              Don't remember the location, but Chief drilled a hole in the forward, right side of the bell housing & used a BIG screwdriver to unlock them. Also handy when trying to find the timing gear DIMPLE GOODY!
              Dad Crude


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                Any luck yet on getting the starter out
                4~ Tudor's
                1~ Coupe

                Henry Ford said,
                "It's all nuts and bolts"

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