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    I bought a Vicky vinyl top kit a few years ago. Finally got around to taking it out. I have enough for 2 PU's, but the half inch foam is a 1/4" already. It's a Juliano kit 10-20 years old. What can I use instead of the foam ? I've heard bad things about the foam. Heavy wool blanket, cotton blanket doubled up, or just buy the batting from ?
    Model A's and of course the famous AA's

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    I used two or three wool blankets.
    Grandma furnished the chicken wire, father inlaw furnished the wool blankets. Most use cotton


    • pAAt
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      You have good relatives BH ! I'm on the end of the line now, but still have a few things they left behind Thanks !!

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    If you go to the local fabric store, they will have some different types of batting you can use. The trick is not to make the roof too puffy.


    • pAAt
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      Thanks Ed ! Fabric stores are for chicks..............and Model A guys I guess !! I will try to do that, if they are close to Fleet Farm

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    If you ever get up my way, there is a huge fabric surplus store next to the bearing and seal store, about 5 miles west of me, and next to Fleet Farm. One time I was in there trying to match my Model A fabric samples, and they had a full roll of fabric identical to the ceiling and door panel material. I should have bought the whole roll, because it was gone the next time I stopped in.


    • pAAt
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      Thanks Tom ! I've bent that Fleet Farm many times, since I used to live in Anoka. We were neighbors for 25 years and I truly missed out on meeting you then. I will be up soon, summer chores are dwindling now and time for A stuff again. P.S. the bearing store just north of FF ? Been there too !

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    Chicken Wire is fur CHICKENS, but it won't keep SNAKES OUT!
    Dad Farmer


    • pAAt
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      We like snakes here Bill. My Pa-in-law (RIP) loved to hunt rattle snakes ! Timber rattlers up here and Diamond backs in Sweetwater, Texas. The wife and I went with them 30 years ago and my legs are still shaking some. I need to get out and do something today, the temps finally above 60 degrees now. Looks to be a great day for something.

      Great day to you, Pat

    • Beauford
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      No it wont keep snakes out...I put golf balls in nesting boxes. The chickens don't think I'm stealing their eggs and Mr Black snake swallows the golf ball and wanders off with bad constipation.

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    That's FUNNY, Beauford! Once saw a snake that swallowed something BIG, don't know what it was???
    While cuttin' in a brush pile, a SNAKE peeked out. Like in the movies, I ZAPPED him with the CHAINSAW! It was jist a BIG LIZZARD & I only cut off his TAIL! The tail jumped & wiggled for 5 MINUTES!
    KDad Scared


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      The stuff my wife uses to make quilts from looks like it would be great for that type of padding. I haven't used it myself, just saying. She gets a product called "Warm & Natural" from JoAnn Fabrics.
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        Check out the parts vendors for a roof topping options DVD on how to install "masonite " or door skins, indoor outdoor carpet, etc.(all from the big box stores) under the vinyl material. We once had a coupe that had this and was an excellent option. No chicken wire and padding is used, at minimal cost and installation ease. It's also beneficial to leave the grained vinyl out in the sun before stretching and application.
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          Washing car has not resulted in any leaks.

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